Video in Business: The Demand for On-Demand

In today’s world, video seems such a familiar everyday tool that it is easy to forget its recent adoption and growth within the market and as the accessibility of digital video content continues to rise, coupled with the reliability of high speed broadband networks, many businesses are already appreciating the richness and engaging potential of video, with an ever soaring demand to use it more in the workplace.




Visual is vital when it comes to business, with high quality graphics, new visual languages, rich and diverse media content as well as lower production costs, all attributing to how businesses are choosing to communicate.


Over the last few years, costs of IP video systems have dropped substantially, making them more obtainable than ever before, with today’s video platforms allowing for far greater engagement than earlier technologies such as the VHS tape ever could. They are now offering a wealth of features designed to benefit organisations across an extensive array of industry sectors, from enterprise, banking and finance to higher education and sports.


As organisations adopt new technology to deliver employee training, executive presentations and company meetings, workforces are becoming accustomed to video as a professional, effective and engaging communications medium.


Harnessing the power of video


Cutting edge technology and the demand for on-demand are helping to fuel video’s growing relevance in business and nowadays most desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones include built in audio/visual components, enabling employees to participate in a video conference or access streaming video from their PCs or mobile devices with great ease.


Video’s growing popularity is acting as a way to open up the business world, with staff able to communicate and work effectively with people and colleagues anywhere else in the world, no matter how remote, presenting the opportunity for new market development. In many ways, video has become an enabler, with the use of such helping to cross cultural boundaries when speaking and liaising with people across the globe.


The use of digital video in business can also eliminate many in-person meetings, handouts, emails and documents, deliver training courses without the need to cover costly expenses and it will always remain available in the future for individuals to refer back to, whereas email, for example, is often deleted over time. Video helps to empower employees, boost creativity, celebrate company culture and connect a workforce. It positively impacts collaboration and makes the on-boarding of new staff much smoother. Video brings personnel and management closer together and can lead to increased adoption of social business platforms and improved learning results as well as faster and more efficient training.


Aside from the benefits for employees, the use of IP video in business offers an invaluable tool for marketing and promotion of the company brand. With the ability to create, upload and promote products and services as well as deliver case studies, customer testimonials and user guides, digital video is becoming a true business solution. Through the use of a high quality digital signage solution, IP video and live IPTV can also be used to enliven previously bare communal areas, staff rooms, receptions and waiting rooms and can be used to deliver advertising or important news and announcements in a more vivid, modern and engaging manner.


Interestingly, the use of digital video is also emerging in the areas of help desk and support as a way of enhancing customer service and also within recruitment, where video interviews and CVs are becoming more popular. The fact remains that video is fast becoming a dominant way of communicating, it is a required and indispensable skill for employees.


It is evident that a variety of technological, demographic and cultural forces are joining together and stand poised to revolutionise the workplace of the future. Customers now expect to be able to access the marketplace from anywhere, anytime and on any device and the future oriented company is striving to make customer interaction and employee communication as seamless and intuitive as possible. The growth of digital video tools are integral to this transformation.


It is clear that video’s growing relevance in business will soon ensure that distance, time, cost and culture will no longer be barriers to how business is conducted.


About TripleVOD


TripleVOD is the video on demand solution from Tripleplay which works in harmony with TripleTV IPTV and the TripleShow Live Presenter live presentation and lecture capture tool. An expandable, standards based and multi-purpose solution, TripleVOD offers an administrator comprehensive control through a simple to use web based management system and ensures an exceptional end-user experience and by combining TripleVOD with TripleStream mobile streaming, it is possible to make video content available anywhere, at any time and on any compatible device.


The ability to stream content on-demand from a single server delivers great flexibility and allows an administrator to initially manage a small number of users, with scope of scaling to several hundred, through the same infrastructure, ensuring the TripleVOD solution is future proof.


What’s more, Tripleplay’s intuitive and unique software architecture enables multiple services to operate on the same TripleVOD platform, ensuring that the server can also support IP television and digital signage, with the additional benefit of integration into document management solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync, if required.

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