Uses for Digital Signage

Thousands of organisations are adopting digital communications strategies, whether this is in a corporate environment, healthcare organisations or in large venue spaces. But what are the true capabilities and advantages of using a digital signage solution? Is it just an expense to the AV, IT or marketing departments, or can it be used to increase profitability and productivity? Understanding the fundamental reasons why you should adopt a digital signage solution in the first place, can help you build a successful and futureproof solution.




Displaying a brand or product on a screen and getting paid to do it, is a great way of increasing your ROI. With a really intuitive digital signage solution, you can take your advertising strategy to the next level. By drilling down into back end reporting you can see proof of play statistics showing exactly how long an advert appeared for, on how many screens and how often.


This ability to extract this data is gold dust to potential companies thinking about investing in advertising with you. Event triggers can create ‘Moments of Exclusivity’ with a click of a button – perfect in a sporting environment, where a company can sponsor goals or points scored. Furthermore, through integration into EPOS systems and digital menu boards, companies can set automatic triggers to promote items that are not selling well and remove items as soon as they go out of stock, without anyone having to make any manual changes, increasing sales and profitability.



Whether you want to find your way around an office block, direct traffic in large venues or locate a free table or desk, then your digital signage solution can to be optimised to allow you to do it. Interactive and intelligent building wayfinding solutions are clever ways of making someone’s route an experience within your venue, whether that’s a sports stadium or corporate office, easier and happier. With good content and graphics, ingest from 3rd party sources and touch screen capabilities, a good digital signage platform can allow you to tailor your wayfinding solution to your particular needs, whilst allowing you to be in control of how and where traffic is moving.


Digital Communications:

There’s a lot of specific and tailored features you can enable with an effective digital signage solution, but more often than not the primary reason for implementing a solution, is to distribute key messages to visitors or staff. Through some digital signage platforms, you can display calendar, weather, travel & transport, RSS and social media information as part of a layout. It is also important to think about emergency information, making it quick and simple to get safety messaging onto screens – this is possible (with certain manufacturers) via integration into alarm systems.



Digital signage can be a great way of reinforcing your brand, whether this is internal or public facing content. Having a solution that allows you to lock down access to particular layouts, fonts, images and videos can make sure that your organisation presents a uniform and coherent brand to the world. Using adaptive workflow management tools, you can allow only specific users the right to edit or change them, making sure you have full control of what is portrayed on screen.


Digital signage content should be interesting, eye catching and deliver a key message. As human beings, we are drawn to movement and video, consuming more information through video than ever before in history. Therefore, having a solution where it is easy to display a variety of file formats and integrate with IPTV and video, and be able to push this content to a specific screen or group of screens is paramount; helping draw the attention of the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

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