Upgrade now to bring the summer of sport indoors with Enterprise IPTV

Believe it or not the summer is fast approaching and with it comes a mouth-watering sporting calendar including the FIFA World Cup, The Championships at Wimbledon, Tour de France and British Open Golf.


An exciting but hugely distracting set of sporting events that are sure to get the pulses of employers and employees racing across the globe.


But how do you make sure employees don’t miss out on some of the most eagerly anticipated events? How do you explain to your staff that they must miss, in some cases, a once in a lifetime major tournament?


Whether you give your team an ‘official’ conduit to watch or not, they will find a way.


Did you know, that streaming from a freely available source such as BBC iPlayer in the UK uses 1.4 megabits per second of data at its native (960×540) resolution? That’s almost 1GB for a 90 minute football game or 630 megabytes per hour. Now, imagine 10, 20 or 100 members of your team deciding to stream (unicast) their team’s big game. Do the calculations, that’s a lot of data; and a huge burden on your internet connection which could seriously impact vital business systems.


Online services like iPlayer also have somewhere between a 1 minute and 90 second delay; not ideal for live sports in a communal environment.


Now, take a platform like Tripleplay, our desktop IPTV platform will deliver SD at 3 megabits per second or HD at around 5 megabits per second on average, which is higher, however, our multicast streams will deliver to 1, 10 or 1000 users without using more than 5 megabits per second in total.


To make matters even better, the stream never touches the internet so IT systems are not impacted.


Our platform can also deliver IPTV streams directly to supported models of smart TVs, digital signage players or to Set Top Boxes allowing you to provide ‘muster points’ for big events, or even make the event a part of an existing Tripleplay Digital Signage layout if you’ve already deployed our platform.



So instead of worrying about the negative business impact the summer of sport will have, why not make a positive event of it? Why not give your people an unexpected perk? Why not enable them to access the biggest events of the year and improve your business technology tools at the same time?


The possibilities are at the fingers tips of every Tripleplay user already, get in touch at enquiries@tripleplay.tv to upgrade your platform now!


PS. Our Digital Signage and IPTV solution will be used at both The Championships at Wimbledon and three host venues in Russia for the World Cup (including the final), so you’ll be upgrading to a genuinely world-class IPTV solution!

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