Tripleplay’s innovative hospitality IPTV solutions implemented on LG Smart TVs without Set Top Box

Sydney, Australia, 28/11/2013 –Global innovators in digital technology, Tripleplay has become the first hospitality TV solution developer in the ANZ region to implement a stable and high quality hotel user portal solution without a set top box (STB) onto LG’s range of hospitality smart TVs.


Combining Tripleplay’s world renowned reliability and exceptional user experience with the popular and sleek LG TV design and performance, the solution gives hoteliers in ANZ another option and the chance to adopt a STB-less environment without losing any quality of TV service.


The first site in the ANZ region to adopt the Tripleplay LG Smart TV solution is the Atura Blacktown Hotel. Tripleplay Australasia Managing Director, Jamie Hind, is delighted the hard work of development alongside LG is paying off; “Working with LG we have produced a wonderful solution that is already in use, proven and tested. We have given early adopters a realistic chance to provide guests with a high quality TV service without the extra expense or a STB in every room.


“Tripleplay has great experience in the delivery of user portals, IPTV and video on demand and when coupled with the power of the LG brand, we have provided the market with a world-class solution. We will continue to work hard to develop this solution alongside LG.”


Lawrence Hookkee, LG’s Commercial sales Manager, views the partnership as a huge step towards bringing Smart TV solutions into hotels around the region; “We know that many hoteliers are looking to provide guests with top class, branded, TV and entertainment services on the latest in TV technology; the Smart TV. We are delighted that, with the expertise and skill of Tripleplay’s development team, we have been able to release an embedded solution that enables exactly that.”


Tripleplay’s TripleChoice Guest Portal is available without a STB on LG hospitality grade smart TVs.

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