Tripleplay Cloud and CDN ushers in the next generation of IPTV

London, UK, 16/06/2021: Tripleplay, leader in IP video, digital signage and audience engagement technologies, today announces the launch of its Tripleplay Cloud platform. For the first time, Tripleplay’s Digital Engagement Platform can be delivered ‘as a service’ in the public cloud.

Tripleplay Cloud is delivered across Tripleplay’s content delivery network (CDN), a network optimized and designed for video streaming and digital signage deployments and allows its users the option to choose their deployment type; cloud, hybrid or on premise; with comparable levels of service, functionality and quality.

The platform will have all solutions associated with Tripleplay’s traditional on-premise Digital Engagement Platform, including support for;

Analytics and monitoring are also key components of Tripleplay Cloud, allowing administrators a centralized view of their entire deployment. The system also includes a seamless ‘self-provisioning’ feature, to allow simple deployment throughout the whole estate.

Tripleplay chief executive officer, Steve Rickless sees this as the logical next step in the evolution of IPTV and video streaming platforms, “Tripleplay IPTV has always been optimized for an on-premise implementation, with broadcasting laws and regulations often dictating this necessity. But with Tripleplay Cloud, we have created a platform that can support current day and potential future requirements of businesses, who wish to leverage cloud hosted services and minimize their set-up and maintenance costs.

“Through our hybrid solution we feel we have raised the bar. Digital Signage and streaming have both been commonly available as cloud solutions for a while, but IPTV hasn’t and when you add our capability to manage live encrypted IPTV, stream non-broadcast content and deliver a robust, professional digital signage network too we really have created something unique.”

Tripleplay Cloud is backed up by secure and resilient infrastructure, a 24/7 global helpdesk team, two factor authentication and flexible billing options.

About Tripleplay

Tripleplay is a manufacturer of audience engagement technology and software incorporating the ONELAN and Reserva brands. Its core product set includes IPTV technologies, digital signage, enterprise video and room booking. Tripleplay offers products and services designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers including corporate users, education, retailers, hospitality, stadia and residential premises. Tripleplay’s interactive solutions offer scalability and relevance simplifying complex or diverse messages visualized on any device or display.

With a solid foundation and long history of profitable growth, Tripleplay has a global network of more than 300 accredited dealers and system integrators in 50 countries. allowing it to provide local customer support to its extensive worldwide customer base.

Headquartered in the UK, Tripleplay has offices in Spain, Portugal, USA, Australia, Dubai, and Singapore, and strategic teams in France, Germany, Poland, Turkey and South Africa.

Tripleplay’s parent company is Uniguest, headquartered in Nashville, USA.

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