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Training ground technology

We’ve all had a stark reminder in the recent past, that without the fans sport loses a little of its shine, as athletes and sportspeople are often inspired by the fans to achieve beyond their usual capability. Now with a gradual return to major events, there is the exciting spectacle of fans filling stadiums, venues and arenas once more.

However, what we all sometimes forget is that for the sports teams and stars themselves the stadium environment is a ‘work’ place they spend just a fraction of their time in; with training grounds, headquarters, and exercise facilities the spaces the competitors prepare, hone and progress themselves for the big stage.

Without a quality facility to practise in, sports people are inhibited in exactly how far, long, fast they can go whether there are supporters cheering them on or not.

Sports training facilities have become magnificent venues for the development of sports preparation in the last 10 years, with teams investing 10s or 100s of millions into them; bringing the best sports science, practise facility and leisure together to create a hub that sports people can shine in, but also relax and recuperate.

Tripleplay has played a huge part in this for a number of national, club and professional sports teams, providing a mix of entertainment and video capture technologies designed to enhance performance.

Some examples…

Communications and Information:

Through our digital signage platform we have enabled teams to use televisions to act as a communications platform, ensuring players do not need to rely on email or paper handouts to understand their schedules and priorities. The platform can be centrally managed, meaning messaging can be mirrored from HQ to training centres and stadia. Our digital signage also incorporates live broadcast TV, allowing teams to provide entertainment as well as information.

Onsite entertainment:

Tripleplay has delivered Interactive IPTV Portal, video on demand and BYOC for teams around the world, allowing them to provide ‘home from home’ facilities in their residences while away on national team duty, or settling into a new environment.

Live streaming, capture and analytics:

Tripleplay has been helping teams live stream their training sessions from pitch to coaching staff, allowing live delivery to desktops, mobile, digital signage or recorded for later play back. Utilizing either our own webcasting technology or via integration into broadcast systems we have created options for all levels or team or set-up. On top of this, through integration with analytics platforms like Opta and Sportcode, teams can catalogue footage and use for teaching and learning purposes.

To achieve peak performance, sports people need amazing venues to perform in, but more importantly they need perfect places to prepare, discuss, relax and bond – professional sports IP video and engagement technology isn’t just for show time.

Tripleplay solutions have been implemented in training grounds across the world, including at Manchester City FC, Aberdeen FC, New York City FC, Melbourne City FC and for several national teams.

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