Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast® Launches on time with solutions from Telindus and Tripleplay

When creating a world class attraction only best of breed technologies and the right partners can help deliver the desired results every step of the way. This statement was very true to those creating Titanic Belfast® , a modern, attractive and exciting tourist attraction for the city of Belfast.



A purpose built visitor attraction with conference and banqueting venue, Titanic Belfast® was designed to act as a beacon to attract international visitors to the province, creating opportunity for economic growth and to ensure Belfast remained firmly on the tourism map.


By implementing a mixture of physical and media based exhibits the attraction created a reliance on technology, this meant that choosing the right partners was vital if they were to ensure all IT and technology systems matched the quality of the development as a whole. To make this decision all the more pertinent, a strict deadline for the attraction’s launch, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Titanic leaving Belfast for its maiden voyage, meant that whoever was chosen had no choice but to be ready on time and on budget, with strong project management a must.


Telindus was chosen as the ICT partner, delivering systems to support customer service, back office administration operations and to provide ICT facilities to visitors and guests. They were also chosen to supply IPTV and Digital Signage facilities to the attraction; working alongside Tripleplay they produced the perfect solution.


Tim Husbands, CEO of Titanic Belfast® commented; “Our ambitions for Titanic Belfast® required absolute dedication and focus from all our partners to deliver a world class attraction for the province, demonstrating value against public investment and help us gain maximum benefit from Belfast’s most iconic, if tragic, engineering achievement – RMS Titanic.”


Customer communication vital to ensure quality experience


Titanic Belfast® required a solution that would aid them with displaying important visitor information and communications, whilst also adding to the rich digital media experience that they had built for their visitors. In line with the state-of-the-art audio visual experience offered within the main visitor attraction, Titanic Belfast® wished to create a network of welcoming and informative video screens throughout the building to help guests get the most from their visit.


Tripleplay’s Digital Signage, TripleSign, was chosen to be used throughout the venue, with 65 inch screens installed in the main entrance area, smaller screens in the gallery space used for temporary exhibitions and events and also in the gift shop.


Digital Signage and IPTV implemented throughout


The Digital Signage estate is complemented by the TripleTV IPTV system which is displayed on 65 inch screens in the venue’s bars and restaurants. Drop down projection screens are in the main function room, flanking the famous Titanic staircase, screens in the education suites and management offices around site also display IPTV.


Graeme Casey, Head of Marketing and Propositions at Telindus explained why Tripleplay’s products were chosen as part of their best-of-breed solution: “We had been successful with Tripleplay before, knowing that they can provide the required features needed in a cost effective way. The solution can also be fully integrated onto a single server which enables everything to be run over the same LAN infrastructure, delivering a unified communications network.”


Tim Husbands summarised; “For this truly ground-breaking project for Northern Ireland, we needed partners that fully embraced and supported our ambitions. We look forward to developing Titanic Belfast® with the support of Telindus and Tripleplay.”

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