Tripleplay: The Choice of the Innovative Integrator

The job of the AV integrator is a difficult one, bringing together proprietary standards-based technologies to deliver a seamless experience for their end-user clients; at times a thankless task. But what if that work had already been done for you; tried, tested and proven?


Enterprises need to utilise a wider variety of technologies as the digital world expands; the AV integrator’s challenge is to create a unified solution with different, complimentary technologies that meets the demands of the client. This becomes considerably easier when they have a breadth of technologies, both in AV and IT, that they can rely on to deliver mission critical solutions.


With great software comes great flexibility

The ability to integrate with a variety of third party manufacturers and complimentary technologies sets Tripleplay apart in the digital signage and IPTV competitive landscape. Its ability to work alongside and integrate with leading industry standard hardware allows complete flexibility for the integrator, allowing them to create a variation of specifications depending on the requirements of the end user with the Tripleplay Content Management System (CMS) at the centre.

As a software manufacturer, Tripleplay has been able to dynamically develop features that allows its platform to integrate with a number of other technologies and systems that offer clients a fully secure and feature rich solution. With every Tripleplay software release, it is increasing the numbers of integrations it can offer its clients, many coming directly from end user feedback and requests, creating a true eco-system of technology products that address client pain points.

Examples of this include Active Directory integration which allows users and permissions to be set in line with an organisation’s staff structure and security standards. Also, integration with Mersive Technologies to deliver Digital Signage and IPTV alongside the Mersive Solstice wireless collaboration platform for connected meeting room solutions within a corporate office. Unifying these technology solutions allows true flexibility for the integrator.


Furthermore, using Tripleplay as a CMS, the end user could choose from a variety of screen manufacturers both System-on-Chip and TV displays with STB/Media Player options depending on their preference.


Specifying a solution vs. selling a product


The need for an AV/IT installation or upgrade is often born out of an organisation needing to address various problem areas around the site, whether that’s streamlining staff communications, video delivery or enhancing meeting room experiences. Often integrators and consultants are tasked with finding a solution that meets the need of the end user and often this includes working with a number of different technology manufacturers to deliver the required end result. When these different products integrate together, it makes for a much less fragmented ‘product’ based install, delivering instead a complete, unified solution.


The ‘solution sell’ has many benefits:


The smart choice of the innovative integrator


As the digital signage and video delivery market has become increasingly saturated, end users are faced with a mine field of options when it comes to selecting the right products. Enlisting an integrator that can work with appropriate hardware and security specifications and is able to pull together a number of different technology platforms that seamlessly talk to each other is extremely significant and is often the deciding factor for many enterprise organisations.


There is power when great technologies come together and software has the power to be flexible and adaptable to an ever more demanding environment. True integration removes restrictive parameters often placed on integrators and by working together, it is exciting to think of what we will be able to achieve, if together, we innovate.


Discover the potential of the perfect enterprise AV installation with Tripleplay technology working seamlessly alongside its ecosystem of technology partners, delivering unified communications and stand out video delivery for the corporate world – Tripleplay.


Tripleplay is proud to work with:


BrightSignSamsungLGPhilipsAminoNECHPEBluefinMicrosoft Active DirectoryCitrixSharePointPeerless-AVInteliOSAndroidAMXReservaCrestronGoogle ChromecastMersive Technologies and many more.

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