Streamlined mobile video communications: there’s an app for that

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The way in which people consume video content is changing and the number of available streaming platforms increases, what feels like, monthly, offering the consumer an ever-growing number of options when it comes to watching their favourite TV shows and movies.


With the adoption of platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, video conferencing apps and other mobile video streaming services becoming more prominent in people’s personal lives, day-to-day life is becoming more streamlined and efficient, for example we can download videos for the train home and watch YouTube tutorials when building furniture or cooking recipes. Gone are the days of written instruction manuals or planning evenings around one’s favourite TV shows.

The disparity between consumers in the home who subscribe and buy into streaming platforms is vast. Where consumers place a high value on having video content readily available via apps on their personal mobile devices, within the workplace mobile video distribution is seen as a low priority and inaction within organisations in adopting this technology is noticeably polarised. Why is the enterprise seemingly too slow to embrace mobile video communications when there are proven benefits to working environments?


The (potential) power of video in the enterprise


In 2019 many organisations and institutions still often rely on staff to consume company information through reading tremendous volumes of written documentation – which can often feel uninteresting and be time consuming to read.[1]


The landscape and complexity of a modern workforce looks very different than it did, even just a few years ago. Many people work remotely or from home, have flexible hours, embark on increasing amounts of foreign travel and companies are expanding their global footprints, often employing teams of people in different places speaking many languages. For this environment, video is the fastest and most efficient way of reaching and communicating to the remote pockets of the modern workforce.


Companies and institutions have been purchasing AV and video capturing hardware – yet very few are thinking about the next steps and the means of effective distribution of video to its staff, particularly when it comes to mobile delivery. Most importantly, it is crucial that companies invest in mobile technology that works alongside existing AV infrastructure, thus unifying existing technology and choosing a mobile application that fits in with the current product suite.



This approach is much less daunting than installing an entirely new enterprise video platform. For example, when looking at products such as Tripleplay’s Mobile Media App which integrates fully into the Tripleplay CMS and can be easily managed alongside a company’s digital signage and IPTV solution. This demonstrates how mobile video communication is just part of a wider video centric communications tool that many corporates are starting to implement, making it the obvious choice for existing or potential Tripleplay clients.


The advantages of adopting mobile video delivery


An enterprise video platform optimised for mobile users offers a direct line to every single worker; tapping into a convenient video communications tool allows an organisation to promote values and goals and unite all fragments of the modern workforce. Communicating directly into people’s mobile devices allows for a resource sharing tool like no other, knowledge share leads to quicker problem solving, profitability and allows every employee to be a tap away from their work community.


Delivering mobile video is the most practical method of communication for a multitude of different kinds of video, both live and pre-recorded VOD content such as:


By companies committing to an effective mobile video delivery platform, it makes sure they stay in complete control of the messages that are communicated to their staff, instilling brand identity and a strong sense of community. Moving forwards, it is paramount that the enterprise doesn’t shy away from the opportunity mobile video delivery presents to them and that they seize the opportunity to evolve alongside the changing landscape of a modern workforce.


Video is everywhere, it’s time to embrace it!


[1] In fact, we have an easy to follow product video that highlights the benefits and features of mobile video delivery that you can watch instead.

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