Digital Signage supports STIHL Tirol internal communications strategy

STIHL Tirol is a wholly owned subsidiary of the STIHL Group and is based in Langkampfen, Austria. The company is a centre of excellence for ground-based gardening tools, such as lawn mowers, robotic mowers, ride-on mowers, tillers and garden shredders. These tools are developed on-site and the company also specialises in the manufacture of battery-powered products.

A number of important projects have been implemented in recent years and increased investment has been made in the location. With the number of employees also increasing, effective internal communication has become even more critical.

Many employees in the production or warehouse areas are not desk-based. The new digital signage solutions ensure that everyone has access to up to date and consistent information. Historically, paper- based notices, whiteboard displays, or reliance on information cascading through the organisation verbally or via email has helped maintain communication to colleagues. However, as the business expanded, this ad hoc way of communicating had become less effective.

Delivering consistent communications

Following a review of their internal content distribution strategy, the STIHL Tirol Site Marketing team established a need to enhance how they were communicating internally, especially for production employees, and recommendations included the implementation of digital signage for their manufacturing plant in Tyrol, near Kufstein.

The team evaluated several manufacturers, and after a rigorous assessment period, selected Onelan Digital Signage from Tripleplay as their preferred platform given its strong track record of reliability, scalability, and ease of use for content distribution.

Employee engagement across the site

With almost 800 employees working on the premises, 21 TVs were installed in areas of high footfall, including entry areas, staff kitchens, the dining hall and in the aisles for maximum impact and ease of viewing.

Content is regularly refreshed via a centrally located CMS, and includes company information such as corporate communication, training opportunities, internal vacancies as well as new colleagues or messages from HR and the works council. The program is livened up by infotainment content, videos and puzzles. Those continuous content-loops are rounded up by dynamic information such as traffic, weather or the train schedule. A news ticker also runs across the bottom of the single zone content providing ongoing news updates. Up to the minute accurate information is readily available and delivered directly to employees regardless of their location.

A further requirement was to ensure employees could engage with the content at any time, and so 10 interactive touch-screens were installed, enabling users to consume information at their own pace and not part of the continuous content loop.

The signage is powered by a combination of HD and 4K Onelan Digital Signage players offering maximum stability, security and resilience, ensuring important messaging is always visible to employees and content uptime is maximised.

Strong partnerships

Petra Schmidt of STIHL Tirol enthused over the installation commenting, “We’re delighted with the impact this implementation has had on knowledge cascade and sharing within our company. For our employees, especially those in production, the so-called “INFO POINTS” are an important additional source of information to already existing communication channels.”

Commenting on the time-savings, Petra Schmidt added, “Updating our white boards was manual and time consuming. With such a large site to walk around, ensuring each board was updated with the same information and in a timely manner was challenging. Now with a few mouse clicks, we push out the same message to all our teams at the same time. Having a platform which we can manage and update centrally has been a huge time and resource saver for us.”

With a strong long-term working relationship established between the two organisations, further platform expansions will be considered and planned in due course.

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