Statement: Tripleplay and Foxtel Distribution

London, UK, Sydney, Australia, 29/2/2016: It has been brought to our attention that misinformation has been shared with the market and with a number of our channel partners, this information relates to Tripleplay’s authorisation to distribute Foxtel TV.


We can confirm that Tripleplay has, does and will continue to work with Foxtel, distributing their content in a secure, site approved, professional and high quality manner, using SecureMedia primarily and other approved security standards.


A huge number of our clients in Australia have Foxtel on their networks including a number of global banks, multinational TV broadcasters, care homes and hotels, with several thousand endpoints deployed in the last 3 years.


To be clear, Foxtel DO NOT have a list of approved IPTV systems, they approve Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes such as SecureMedia. Foxtel review each site individually on the grounds of DRM type, system setup and network integrity.


Tripleplay has built a global reputation for quality and security, building a true AV/IT platform for IPTV, Video and Digital Signage distribution, being selected by a host of global corporate enterprises, banks, sports arena and stadia, governments, military, higher education and hotels.


Tripleplay is a trusted partner for IPTV, Video Streaming and Digital Signage, we value the relationships we have built across the world, if you have any concerns please do feel free to contact us and we will discuss the content of the statement above.

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