Tripleplay is thrilled to acknowledge both Jordan Pattison and James Keen, as part of InAVate’s 40 under 40: The future of AV

London, UK, 20/11/2019: Tripleplay is proud to announce that two members of its staff were selected as part of InAVate Magazine’s 40 under 40 2019 collective, identifying them as influential figures within the AV industry.


Both Jordan Pattison, UK Sales Manager and James Keen, Group Head of Marketing were announced as part of the impressive group of young AV professionals.


InAVate is celebrating ‘the future of AV’ with its first ever 40 under 40, in which both James and Jordan were nominated.


The 40 recognised include a selection of men and women, from a variety of departments and companies doing inspiring work in the industry.


Tim Hoddy, Business Development Director EMEA spoke about the two Tripleplay teammates listed saying, “It’s always great to acknowledge the fantastic work our colleagues do in the industry, both Jordan and James for Tripleplay but also the other great people that were included in the list. Tripleplay is lucky to have a great number of young and passionate men and women making up its workforce and I hope next year we see even more names added to the list. Congratulations Jordan and James, a much-deserved accolade for you both!”

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