Keeping workers informed: Using digital media communications to engage the modern workplace

The modern workplace is constantly changing and evolving with people moving jobs at a higher frequency than ever before. To retain talented workers, companies need to be able to adapt quickly to keep staff happy and engaged at work and it is therefore more important than ever to put staff wellbeing as a top priority and one major element of that is making them feel valued and informed and ultimately sustain quality work output.


“Today’s employee is hungry for information and content that increases their sense of belonging and loyalty to their company.”1


In an age of digital communication, digital signage is becoming more and more common in organisations around the globe, from banking and enterprise, to government and maritime. According to research, “Good internal communications drive 25% higher productivity rate in companies”now businesses can facilitate this using an effective digital signage solution and increasing engagement with staff. Tripleplay provides the perfect solution for this with its TripleSign Digital Signage platform.

Increased workplace engagement


Trying to maintain staff engagement during the working day can come with a host of challenges, with constant deadlines and a lack of time to take adequate breaks, companies can be faced with great difficulty in trying to find the right ways and opportunities to actively engage staff. Tripleplay’s digital signage solution can deliver tailored departmental communications to staff in seconds creating a more engaging platform for staff to interact with. Integrating with third party software allows for the display of performance analytics, live call stats and pre-designed and branded playlists that can display motivational messages and employee announcements.


Evidence of success


In a recent case study with The Associated Press (AP), Tripleplay was selected to create a working environment for staff and journalists which involved delivering an array of multimedia and a system that can grow with the company’s digital vision. “Research shows that digital signage placed in public settings can reach 27 percent more viewers than online marketing strategies, and of those, 50 percent could recall the exact message after viewing, even a month later.”3


With Tripleplay’s Digital Signage and IPTV platform, AP can deliver communications to hundreds of staff instantly and can also deliver unique content targeted to specific departments. The key for engagement here is that it can allow staff to keep up to date with world news, events and provides up-to-the-minute correspondence. As an example, the use of live streams within customisable digital signage layouts allows multiple IPTV live news streams alongside AP’s internal broadcasts to be delivered directly to desktops and mobile devices which is essential for staff no matter where they are in the world.


Benefits of the solution


“Digital signage holds 72% more attention than online advertisements.”4 Digital signage has many uses, for a variety of different companies all with completely specific needs; what works for one company may not work for another. There are many benefits of using digital signage in the workplace which include:


Tripleplay Digital Signage


Tripleplay Digital Signage can be used in many different ways offering a range of features such as;


The statistics


It is proven that “highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability”5 meaning that not only are engaged individuals more likely to work harder, they are more likely to create higher profits for companies. Furthermore, an online report discovered “20% of people will read the text on a page, but 80% of people will watch a video.”6


Although digital signage can display videos, it is not limited to this and as people are proven more likely to interact with visual imagery instead of text, it appears that companies can do more to use these tools to actively engage staff. Increased brand awareness creates greater bonds between employees and clients, making day to day communications far more progressive and informative.


Evidence suggests, “almost 85% of adults worldwide are not engaged in the workplace.”7 This eye-opening figure reinforces how imperative it is that companies look at doing more to increase and promote staff engagement in the workplace. Digital signage can transform workplaces and with endless possibilities and plenty of customisable content it is becoming more apparent that digital signage will become more and more of a popular communications tool for companies in the future.





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