Software Release: Introducing… BART 1.0 & 2.0

Global Release, 9/10/2015: Tripleplay Services is delighted to announce the arrival of its latest software platform – BART. BART is an intuitive and user friendly platform, developed to improve performance and scalability of Tripleplay’s extensive product suite.


Two versions of BART are to be released in quick succession, both of which provide an improvement to performance and scalability: BART 1.0 and BART 2.0.


The innovative media streaming solution supports the next major release of HP servers – the Gen9 platform – which in turn, allows Tripleplay to scale its offerings for larger deployments – primarily due to major changes in the operating system and the application code base. Details of the changes include caching of frequently used data, moving to a 64 bit Centos 7 based operating system (OS), allowing larger memory configurations and more processors to be supported.


BART provides a number of new features in TripleSign – the first being that the playback of Lynk DRM encrypted streams on the SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform) is now supported. It will also include the ability to manage SSSP screens from the server, making it possible to turn screens on/off, change volume and upgrade the firmware on SSSP screens from TripleCare.


Additionally, a plugin has been added to TripleSign which enables users to interact with the signage display through the use of a touch screen device. This allows the administrator in TripleSign to design layouts with interactive elements that change what’s displayed (e.g play a video or show a different layout) when users interact via the touch screen.


In BART 2.0, response times in TripleSign will be improved further through a change in design; from devices polling to the server pushing content to client devices. This will improve the responsiveness of client devices and reduce load on the server so that more client devices can be added. There will also be more detailed reports and diagnostic information on client devices in Bart 2.0, thus making it easier to track what content has played on a device and what is playing now.


A brand new feature of the new release will include support for the TripleSport Engage fan engagement application, ensuring systems are streamlined.


Finally, Tripleplay continues to actively improve our platform based on feedback gained from partners and end users, helping us maintain a secure and robust platform for use within corporate and banking environments.

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