Socially Mobile: Social Media as part of your Digital Signage Network

When judgements are passed at the click of a button, the ability to control the visibility of that information is paramount. If social media digital signage is done in the right way, companies have the ability to create a customer-centric communications model, driving interaction and engagement between company and client and securing relationships.


Implementing social media into your digital signage and communications strategy


Social media has a growing significance within business and enterprise. First and foremost, it is a great communications tool; promoting positive messages by members of staff or customers throughout offices can boost morale. It also allows people to stay informed of any exciting projects that are going on – meaning everyone is in the loop and adding to a feeling of pride, achievement and recognition for workers.



In venues, in particular sports, stadia and live events arenas, social media signage is a great way of driving fan engagement. Enabling customers to see their tweets / posts on the big screen will increase traffic and raise the profile of a venue. This can be done by promoting positive hashtags and can easily be incorporated into the venue’s marketing strategy. Social media is a free PR service that end-users would be silly to ignore; with a system in place that is properly managed it becomes a great tool to increase customer satisfaction and impact the customer experience in a really positive way.


Speed to screen is also something that is hugely important, if customers or employees are having relevant conversations on social media on subject matter that is time-specific, i.e. an event that is happening that day, you need to make sure your digital signage system can pull that content directly onto the endpoints that are visible to provoke discussion and interaction.


Managing your social media digital signage effectively


When reputations can be quickly and easily damaged online you need to make sure you are controlling what your customers and prospective customers see about your brand.


Your CMS, for example, puts you in control of what you are displaying – censoring damaging and promoting complimentary content. It is unlikely that you can run social media digital signage without a degree of human intervention; it is making sure the CMS system in place is simple and easy to use, especially as the people within the organisation that are handling the social media accounts are unlikely to sit in the IT or technical department.


Tripleplay has chosen not to re-invent the wheel, working to find social media platforms that are optimised for delivery on our system and not trying to develop our own solution; ensuring the platform used is optimised, focussed and has suitable moderation. This approach allows us to focus on our core skills, digital signage, IPTV and video streaming; for us Social Media is just another ingest source.


Social Media is no longer just a mobile platform, it’s a business communication solution too; when managed effectively and is amplified through digital signage, can help grow your business, gain valuable customer insights, increase brand awareness and loyalty and build relationships.


For any questions on how you can start to implement your own digital signage social media solution, or for information on our supported platforms contact Tripleplay,

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