Tripleplay set to release Social Media Support for TripleSign Digital Signage

28/10/2019, London, UK, Tripleplay announces social media integration for its TripleSign Digital Signage solution. A feature that has been requested by a number of clients and was demonstrated at its User Group in September will be officially available with the Caveman 3 software release.


The social media plugin will allow for the fetch and display of content from social Twitter and Yammer networks, displaying posts in real-time within a digital signage layout. This integration will also be supported on Tripleplay’s new PLAY3R-SP1 Media Player as well as the BrightSign range and its Advanced PC Player.


The plugin will be free of charge for all Tripleplay clients with an up-to-date support contract and will allow clients to display social media feeds in a variety of ways for example, sorting posts by popularity, different display types such as slide, timeline or tile and showing number of likes, retweets or interactions. This feature can also be displayed as a light or dark theme depending on client preference and Tripleplay can also provide pre-designed layout configurations that the social media account can link directly to.


James Keen, Group Head of Marketing at Tripleplay commented on the feature saying, “Social Media has become such a huge part of companies’ and institutions’ primary marketing strategies, therefore having a platform that couldn’t natively support it was becoming inhibiting for our clients and made no sense to us as a business. As digital signage has become a mainstream marketing tool, we are reflecting this by working hard to develop features that enhance usability, ensuring our platform adoption continues to grow.”


Future releases will include support for social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


For more information on when this feature will be available in your region, or if you would like a demonstration in person, please contact your local account manager.

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