Shodogg and Tripleplay Services partner for the first global deployments of MyMedia, the first BYOD/ BYOC digital entertainment solution for the Hospitality industry

“Shodogg’s MyMedia solution enables Tripleplay partners to support and amplify the growing industry demand for seamless BYOC/BYOD entertainment solutions by delivering strong value to all stakeholders,” said Geoff Sykes, Director of Shodogg International. “The MyMedia personal media solution provides compatibility and entertainment value to guests, reduces the ‘hardware pain’ for hoteliers, offers minimal impact to the sites ISP charges combined with a strong point of differentiation for IPTV solution providers and hoteliers.”


SYDNEY, Australia, 13/1/2014 – Shodogg, a media technology start-up, has partnered with Tripleplay Services, leading innovators in IP Digital Media technology in Australia, to enable the world’s first hardware-free BYOD/ BYOC entertainment solution for the hospitality industry. MyMedia utilises patented Shodogg Connect technology, which enables any mobile device to securely connect to digital content in the cloud or local sources, and cast that content to any Smart TV screen, without any additional hardware.


Tripleplay recently deployed in two hotels and one aged care centre in Sydney Australia and will now deploy the solution across the extensive network of Tripleplay partners (where mobile-to-smart-screen sharing solutions are in high demand) in the hospitality, aged care, healthcare, mining, travel and education industries.


MyMedia, powered by Shodogg, a Bring Your Own Device/Bring Your Own Content (BYOD/BYOC) personal entertainment software solution, is a first for hospitality industry and will continually see improvements to the BYOD/BYOC offer; enhancing the scope of devices, content, operating systems, features and functionality available for partners. Shodogg’s first release of MyMedia is available with Android Smartphones (Gingerbread upwards) and Apple iPads with cameras (6.0 upwards) along with the latest SmartTV’s with built in set top boxes from LG, Samsung and Philips.


The MyMedia application allows guests to access a combination of their personal content (movies, photos and music) and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Flickr) on their mobile device, and instantly cast that content to the large TV screen in their room.


Guests simply access the venue’s WIFI, open the MyMedia app on their mobile device, connect the device to the TV, and instantly and securely enjoy their personal media on the HDTV screen in the room. When the guest chooses to disconnect from MyMedia, they leave no elements of the MyMedia session on the screen, with the content always remaining at its original source.


“With almost two billion mobile devices in use around the world, the need to cater for personal content is now becoming a hugely pertinent concern for all industries. Hospitality is no exception,” said Jamie Hind, Managing Director for Tripleplay Australasia. “What Shodogg is doing is far ahead of what is being offered in the hospitality market at present and adds BYOC and BYOD functionality to the Tripleplay solution that so many hotels now crave. Coupling this technology with Tripleplay’s leading edge, but proven and tested, hospitality TV and Video on Demand solution has created a superb proposition for the end user, and helped us grow our business even further in the hospitality space.”

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