Samsung Smart Signage Platform – Tripleplay Delivers Cloud Digital Signage

Tripleplay’s hosted digital signage platform, TripleLite Digital Posters now available on Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSP)


Monday October 17th 2016, UK/USA/Australia/Singapore/Spain: Following its ground-breaking work delivering IPTV and Digital Signage using Lync DRM on the Samsung SSP platform, Tripleplay has announced that it is now supporting delivery of its hosted platform without the need for an external Set Top Box or Player.


TripleLite Digital Posters is Tripleplay’s hosted digital signage solution and has been delivering content to screens across the world since 2012 via the world-class Amino Set Top Box range.


Following the emergence of the ‘system-on-chip’ range of screens and the need to deliver a variety of options for clients, the integration with the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) has raised the bar once again for the industry.

Tripleplay CEO, Steve Rickless commented; “When we began working with Samsung on its Smart Signage Platform we knew we could do something others couldn’t; deliver secure IPTV streams embedded into Digital Signage. This has resulted in us deploying our solution with Samsung to a number of clients around the world, including 800 screens at Daytona International Speedway, with thousands of SSSP screens deployed globally.


“This new advancement allows us to deliver our platform with absolutely zero additional hardware purchase for the client; Samsung Smart Signage Platform screen and a network connection is all they need. Our hosted platform has a low monthly cost and has made digital signage accessible to a range of businesses and organisations that previously felt it out of their budget. With this announcement we hope that it will become even more attainable.”


Samsung European Displays Director, Damon Crowhurst stated; “Tripleplay continue to innovate,  driving  value for their clients through their flexibility of solutions. Their support for the Samsung System on Chip product range, has been phenomenal in driving adoption of our combined proposition. This next step into the cloud, now makes it even easier for customers to experience the benefits of Tripleplay.”


Tripleplay continues to offer its Digital Posters service via the Amino range of Set Top Boxes, owing to broadcasting restrictions live IPTV is not available via hosted signage solutions.

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