Reserva Room Signage

Take control of your meeting room signs

Reserva meeting room booking software dynamically links to your calendar system.

Manage meeting room booking & conferences more efficiently with our compact digital meeting room signage.


Reserva Edge

Market leading digital meeting room sign and a comprehensive communications platform with multi-zone layout design, and extensive playlist and scheduling controls


2nd Gen Reserva Room Signs

Larger displays which have been specifically designed for applications where visibility from a greater distance is required, such as hospitality.


Reserva Event Summary

Go beyond meeting room signage with Reserva Event Summary showing information about meetings & conference rooms on the big screen.


Reserva Analytics

Monitor meeting space utilization and optimize resources accordingly.


Interactive Wayfinding

Wayfinding makes navigation less stressful for visitors, guests, employees, customers, or students to navigate any property


Reserva Integrations

Reserva Clients

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