Reserva Room Signage

Customizable, calendar integration, digital signage, range of screen sizes, easy installation

Transforming meeting room signage

Use your meeting rooms more efficiently with our compact digital meeting room signs dynamically linked to your calendaring system.

Unique range of displays

Reserva Room Signage displays provide room booking technology, with an intuitive and customizable interface. Significantly, they also offer digital signage functionality meaning the room sign can be used as a dynamic communications platform.

Reserva Edge

Reserva Edge is a purpose built room sign providing the latest room booking functionality as well as a dynamic communications platform on which businesses, educational institutions and hospitality venues can advertise, build brand awareness and share their internal communications.

With a clear 10” screen size and large LED status bar, Reserva Edge offers a best-in class ergonomic design, making it a seamless and easy fit for every application, from conference centres and corporate offices to university campuses and huddle spaces, where space is at a premium.

Reserva Edge’s interactive room sign functionality means users can book, extend, shorten, end meetings plus report faults with in-room resources. The built-in NFC card reader allows users to check-in to meetings to minimize the workspace wastage from no-shows.


Reserva Analytics

Reserva Analytics is a browser-based solution providing room booking data in a clear, easy to use dashboard. Reserva Analytics allows organizations to monitor and optimize resources through displaying individual user behaviour data and room utilization data as well report on the technology resources within the meeting spaces. These analytics enable organisations to base their long-term strategic decisions on proven quantitative data.

Reserva Room Summary

In addition to meeting room signs, the Reserva Room Summary solution shows upcoming meetings in a range of meeting rooms. This content is ideal for installation in a reception area or beside elevators in larger buildings and helps staff, students or guests find where they are meeting. This content may be displayed in either a multizone layout or full screen, and in portrait or landscape orientation.

Stand-out features of  Reserva  Room Signs


  • Digital signage functionality
  • Book, extend, shorten & end meetings
  • In-room fault reporting capabilities
  • Range of sizes
  • Customizable content including your logo
  • Monitor and report on meeting space optimization


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