London, UK, 26/08/2020: Reserva and trusted partner, NFS Technology Group have extended the level of integration with NFS’s Rendezvous Events booking software to deliver to users an enhanced level of functionality and interactivity when booking via Reserva.  


Rendezvous Events helps to maximise space utilisation, streamlining the management of meetings, and associated catering and room resources. Currently where a meeting is created in Rendezvous Events, it is then displayed on Reserva outside a meeting room.  


The new enhanced integration with Reserva provides the ability to edit the details of meetings in progress at panel level to either shorten, extend, or end. Furthermore, users can book a meeting directly via Reserva, as well as utilise full check-in functionality.  


These enhancements mean users will benefit from being able to use Reserva more flexibly and spontaneously, while organisations can improve their space utilisation at a time when managing office and meeting space occupancy is of paramount concern.  


Furthermore, with Reserva’s comprehensive feature set as a full communications platform, important up to date safety messages can be displayed, and organisations can immediately communicate any company specific messaging via Reserva, helping ensure staff and visitors remain safe. 


Luis De Souza, CEO, NFS Technology commented: “This enhanced integration with Rendezvous Events gives our customers a more engaging user experience and the features relevant to the current environment. We’re delighted to continue our work with the Reserva platform.” 


Simon Carp, Head of Product Management, Tripleplay & ONELAN added, “This integration delivers a greater level of interactivity between Reserva and Rendezvous Events, with an additional layer of flexibility to the solution. With the option to also use the room panel to display safety message reminders, Reserva continues to prove itself as an important component of the office environment, directly benefitting organisations.” 


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