Reserva Analytics

Monitor meeting space utilization and optimize resources accordingly.

Reserva is an intuitive meeting room signage solution with support for market leading calendar and timetabling systems used in corporate, education and hospitality industries

Easy to Use

Reserva Analytics is a browser-based solution providing room booking data in a clear, easy to use dashboard. Reserva Analytics allows organisations to monitor meeting space utilisation and optimise resources accordingly through displaying individual user behaviour data and room utilisation data as well report on the technology resources within the meeting spaces.

These analytics enable organisations to base their long-term strategic decisions on proven quantitative data with information available for all rooms, a single room or a custom group of rooms

Room Utilization

Reserva Analytics allows organisations to view employee behaviour such as who is booking rooms, how frequently user book rooms, and pick up on employees who regularly do not turn up to meetings.

This information can be used by the facilities team to address no-show offenders to reduce resource wastage as well as understand how the meeting rooms are being used. For example, when certain spaces are regularly left empty, facilities teams may take action to increase utilisation or consider reallocating the space.

Room resource information

Using the ‘Report an issue’ functionality in Reserva Room Signs, Reserva Analytics also logs any faults reported by room sign users. These can be filtered by user, room or resource.

With this information, facilities teams can resolve resource issues faster and more efficiently, as well as identifying long term trends with resource faults and understanding training requirements if faults consistently are caused by user error.

Demonstrate ROI

With the data provided by Reserva Analytics, facilities teams can validate, or debunk, subjective feedback on ‘not enough meeting space’ or similar common complaints. This meeting room analytics information allows organisations to effectively calculate how much rooms are being used and whether this represents a sufficient return on investment on the resources invested. If inefficiencies are found, spaces can be repurposed based on quantitative data.


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