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Digital Signage solution creates central corporate communications platform

Established in 1983, PTS Consulting is a globally trusted independent IT/Multimedia Consultancy, Managed Services provider and Resourcing Solutions organisation with locations all around the world; as such it is hugely important that its own technology systems are modern, effective and of world-class quality.



Owing to an office move for its London base, PTS Consulting was given a chance to take a fresh look at the systems it used internally and to reconsider which technologies were being used.

One aspect of this technology refresh was to review the delivery method of corporate messaging and communications, initially within its new London headquarters, but with a view to growing a solution to incorporate other global locations.


Central management, single platform, multiple services


Part of the communications solution was to implement a network of centrally managed and controlled digital signage screens, incorporating the ability to show live TV through an integrated IPTV and digital signage platform. Following consideration of other solutions in the market, PTS chose Tripleplay.


“We needed something that would serve the needs of a single site in the short term, but would be scalable in the future” commented Dan Watson, Project Consultant from PTS.


He then added; “Having the ability to quickly and cost-effectively implement additional screens is something that appealed to us, whilst having a single server platform to deliver both the digital signage and IPTV was an important requirement.”


The solution has been implemented in multiple locations at PTS Consulting’s Liverpool Street office location, with screens placed in reception areas, staff kitchens, within managed services department offices and in meeting rooms.


As well as being used to strengthen the company’s brand the solution is used to welcome guests, deliver internal corporate messaging and show live TV in staff areas.


Importantly, the solution has also been integrated into the managed service teams systems to help staff monitor client sites, display up-to-the-minute statistics and to highlight issues; becoming an important tool in the everyday running of the PTS Consulting Managed Service division.

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