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IPTV and Digital Signage fit the bill in year of change for Parramatta Leagues Club

For Parramatta Leagues Club, New South Wales, 2012 brought some major challenges for its existing entertainment distribution system. An upcoming site wide renovation programme coupled with the impending analogue to digital switchover was set to leave their existing TV solution both out of place in its new surroundings and obsolete in technological terms.



Their existing visual entertainment solution had operated both an analogue TV system and separate, stand alone, digital signage solution, both had been in place a number of years and now provided limited control and ability to engage with patrons.


With a number of bars, restaurants, cafes, casinos and clubs to run within the Parramatta League Club complex the requirement for a modern, integrated, easy to manage solution became a necessity. So, in early 2012 Parramatta set about finding a new solution, and following the failure of a number of other expensive solutions to significantly impress the Parramatta management a reference from an existing AV contractor turned out to be a defining moment.


“We were informed of the Tripleplay solution by one of the AV companies working on our refurbishment. We arranged a demonstration with Streamvision, one of Tripleplay’s Authorised Resellers, and found the system was extremely impressive,” Says Ross Kellaway, IT Manager at Parramatta Leagues Club.


He continued; “To make our decision even simpler, other IPTV solutions we’d looked at were three times the cost and didn’t include Digital Signage as a part of the package. The solution Tripleplay and Streamvision delivered was an exact match to our requirement.”


Increased quality and control, decreased staff reliance


The solution, a mixture of Tripleplay’s TripleTV IPTV system, TripleSign Digital Signage and TripleCMS content management provided Ross and his team with a much higher quality of output, a greater level of control and management, a decreased reliance on staff to run the system and a fully scalable, future proof solution.


“I can be anywhere in the world and change anything on the display system at the touch of a button. In the past we have relied on staff within the bars and restaurants to make changes and with the high staff turnover levels in the service industry training became an issue. This is no longer a problem for us.”


Ross continued; “Ease of management and control was also vital in our decision to use Tripleplay, along with the ability to schedule and forward plan our content. We also wanted to give our patrons the same, or better, TV experience that they were used to at home. The quality of the Tripleplay solution ensured that.”


The solution continues to grow


As the complex wide refurbishment has continued there has been a requirement to add more screens to the solution on an ad hoc basis, this has not become a problem for Parramatta, as Ross explains; “It doesn’t take a technical team to set up or repair. Any IT Manager can update and add extensions and extra screens to the system easily.”


The initial roll out saw 24 set top boxes implemented around the site, but that figure has now more than doubled and is expected to continue growing in the near future. Already Parramatta are looking into the possibility of developing their visual entertainment offering by adding a video on demand streaming solution, giving them the ability to provide content to their function and meeting rooms without the need to use projection systems.


With the solution in place the 2012 Summer Olympics gave Ross and his team a perfect chance to test the system’s capabilities. Across site a number of Olympic events were shown simultaneously, whilst also meeting the high demand by patrons to see the remaining Parramatta Eels NRL fixtures. This, interspersed with ad-hoc promotional displays and offers, meant their solution was pushed to its limits and did not let them down.


Ross summarised; “It’s a superlative system and I’d recommend it to anybody considering IPTV. The quality, structure and modular nature mean it can’t be beaten.”

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