London, UK, 25/08/2020: Tripleplay and ONELAN today announced the launch of their Occupancy Management Solutions for enterprise, corporate, education and other public space facilities helping to ensure safe social distancing.  


Utilizing anonymised data from CCTV cameras, content is triggered depending on real-time occupancy levels which are displayed on digital signage at key locations within or outside offices, shops, and other public spaces. Using CCTV ensures a high level of accuracy and can utilise existing installations.


If local guidelines on social distancing change, occupancy parameters can quickly and easily be adjusted so visitors, customers, and employees can be assured areas are kept to safe occupancy levels to facilitate social distancing.  Occupancy levels can either be displayed as a colour coded traffic light system display or as dynamic signage metrics. Not only does this give up to date occupancy information at a glance, it avoids the need for private or public venue operators to have a dedicated member of staff at an entrance informing customers or visitors when they need to wait and when they can go in. This additional resource carries a significant cost and becomes unrealistic in larger settings where there are multiple entrances or exits.  New, ready to use, digital signage templates are also available to download if required to ensure customers can simply plug in and play, without having to create any new content themselves, thus ensuring rapid implementation.


Steve Rickless, CEO Tripleplay  ONELAN commented; “During these unprecedented times, we’ve made a commitment to support businesses by offering applications and functionality which will help keep everyone safe and reassured. With solutions available on both our Tripleplay and ONELAN platforms, we are delighted to be able to offer both existing and new customers flexibility whether they enhance their current installation or need to implement a new solution.”


The Tripleplay and ONELAN occupancy solutions are part of a much broader range of offerings which can support safe social distancing.

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