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New College Durham Stays Top of its Class with Digital Media Solution

With Beacon status and a position amongst the top 10% of further education establishments in the UK, New College Durham ensures it remains at the leading edge in student services in all areas.



The facilities at its site in Durham are hugely impressive; in fact it has been nominated for several design awards since completion in 2005. So, when looking to implement a digital media solution they had to ensure it matched their own modern, aspirational image and provide the services that its students would expect presently, yet able to grow providing the services they would need in the future.


Having created a feature set ‘wish list’ determining what solution they required, New College Durham began the process of finding a partner who could supply a fully integrated Digital Signage, IPTV and Video on Demand solution; they found Tripleplay.


Joy Saini, Systems Development Manager at New College Durham commented; “We wanted the ability to create playlists and to distribute relevant content in a zoned manner around the campus. We also needed a simplistic, feature rich management solution to allow us to monitor and amend the system and keep a track on all of our digital media resources. Tripleplay’s product had exactly what we needed.”


With no existing signage system in operation, the College relied upon students finding out about catering offers, student services, upcoming events and important announcements via the College intranet. New College Durham needed some way to communicate more efficiently and in a more eye catching way.


A new way to communicate


In terms of digital media learning resources, the College traditionally relied upon use of DVDs. However, these items were often departmentalised and unshared, leading to duplicate purchases of expensive media resources. The College was not only wasting budget but also valuable time in sourcing materials they already owned.


By implementing a full end-to-end Tripleplay solution New College Durham addressed all of these issues and solved some other problems along the way.


TripleSign Digital Signage is now positioned strategically around campus, fully integrated into their TripleTV IPTV solution, bringing life to previously static areas and ensuring that students’ eyes are drawn to important announcements and communications as Joy Saini confirmed; “Tripleplay’s Digital Signage solution has enabled the College to market to its students, staff and visitors quickly and effectively.”


The biggest aid to College operation though has come via the use of the TripleChoice Education Media portal, integrated into the TripleVOD Video on Demand solution. Having digitised all video and DVD content, storing it on their TripleVOD system, the College now no longer has to worry about resources being duplicated, whilst all media is now available to be multicast simultaneously by all staff who need it.


Content is monitored and managed by LRC (Learning Resource Centre) staff and all purchases and copyrights are controlled centrally. Tripleplay’s solution has created a centralised, simplified and thoroughly modern solution for New College Durham.


Following a virtualisation project, all classrooms are now void of traditional PCs, instead using thin client devices, so the fact that Tripleplay’s solution is accessible via a web portal has reduced the need for traditional classroom media technologies. Teachers and staff no longer need to book and set-up TVs, DVD players and PCs, creating less technology to support, and unifying resources into a single system; pushing New College Durham to the forefront of educational ICT.


Joy Saini emphasised the point; “TripleChoice Education Media Portal has everything we could need in a user interface. We can use it to record content from live TV, bookmark videos, add comments to timelines and edit videos to suit a teacher’s requirement. When we drew up our features wish list we didn’t think anybody would match it; Tripleplay has.”


Enhancing the learning experience


In the future New College Durham is looking to add features to its solution, integrate it into the existent VLE and hand over more control of the system to its users and staff. Director of ICT, Alan Race is delighted with the impact the solution has had; “By using TripleChoice we hoped to take stress away from the IT department and give some control to pupils and staff. We also hoped that the solution would reduce media costs and open a path to move technology forward, which it has. We believe that with Tripleplay we have created a great platform to enhance our students’ learning experience.”


Joy Saini summarised; “It has been a great purchase and is allowing us to grow the resources we offer to the College community. Tripleplay are constantly developing their products, adding new features and enhancements, this has given us the confidence that it will be able to adapt and change in line with our own needs.”

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