Multiview: Say yes to simplicity and four-way live video streaming

Imagine a world where you’re drowning in cables, expensive black boxes and miscellaneous pieces of hardware; a stressful deployment with even more stressed out engineers trying to navigate through a wasteland of tin and confusion. This is what the world looked like when technology professionals were trying to deploy a seemingly simple end product; four video streams displayed on one device. For many wanting to be able to display more than one live stream at once, this was the harsh reality they faced. However, Tripleplay saw a need for change and developed Multiview, a simple to manage feature which allowed these simple objectives to be achieved in a streamlined and effective way.


The demand for Multiview came from a number of partners and clients who were tired of having to deploy costly hardware-heavy solutions, for example James Cairns, head of technology at Connect Live, commented, “When dealing with multiple multicast streams for live events before Multiview, each stream being monitored would have needed its own screen and STB or a PC with multiple monitors attached. With space and time at a premium, being able to view 4 feeds on one screen that can be pre-configured before we attend site is a massive improvement.” Multiview, simply put, is Tripleplay’s answer to four-way multicast streaming to a single device without the need of extensive and expensive hardware. A unique application in the software AV/IT space and revolutionising the way you can broadcast multiple live feeds on a single screen. Whether that’s displaying;



Using the power of Tripleplay’s IP streaming technology and its sophisticated TripleSign CMS we can enable users to deliver quad video streams to a single digital signage layout using a single software licence; a digital signage and IPTV game changer for the market. The ability for end users to predefine multiple channels ahead of time, allows them to easily design, create and distribute very engaging and impactful video content. The initial release of the product has already caused waves in the AV industry, and many existing clients have taken up this technology in a variety of venue types. Once again, Tripleplay proves that it has its ears to the ground and because of the software centric element of the platform it meant that it could respond quickly and efficiently to the market and create a quality reliable feature when there is an obvious hunger and demand.

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