Multi-award winning British media company, UKTV looks to Tripleplay for IPTV and VOD Media Portal

London, 27/11/2014: British media company, UKTV has implemented a Tripleplay TripleChoice Media Portal solution to enable the viewing, recording, streaming and archiving of its own TV channels and those of rival broadcasters.


UKTV has been at the forefront of digital television for over 20 years. The network’s ten imaginative channel brands – Dave, Watch, Gold, Alibi, Eden, Yesterday, Drama, Home, Good Food and Really – and first digital only brand UKTV Play, deliver a rich mix of content including brand-defining commissions, high-profile acquisitions and the very best from the BBC, alongside programmes originally shown on ITV and Channel 4.


The company’s move to its new inspirational and distinctive office space at 10 Hammersmith Grove prompted the broadcaster to completely overhaul its technology infrastructure and install new leading edge technology to ‘drive a culture of innovation’. Tripleplay’s Media Portal was chosen by UKTV as it could provide access for staff to Freeview, satellite and subscription content including full EPG for all channels, something no other supplier could, with combined IPTV delivery for video walls and meeting rooms.


Tripleplay Sales Manager, Tim Hoddy, commented; “UKTV have chosen this system to provide a multitude of services and to fulfil a number of needs. They can use it to upload new pilot content for review, watch old footage to help with scheduling, record and archive all live UKTV content to adhere to legal requirements and deliver that content to any TV, mobile device or laptop on the corporate network.


“Aside from this, the portal is fully branded in UKTV livery, easy to use and is fully owned by UKTV with all data kept within its corporate network. It is a fantastic solution and one that we hope will bring great benefit in the future for the network.”


Tim Goff, Head of Technology and Operations at UKTV, added; “As an innovative media company we always need to be looking at technologies to improve our business; we see the Tripleplay solution as exactly that, and a positive change in how we operate. We are looking forward to exploring the Tripleplay solution more and getting maximum benefit for UKTV.”


The TripleChoice Media Portal is in use by organisations from a variety of industries including banks, universities, sports clubs and broadcasting.

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