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Digital Signage

Our single platform Digital Signage and IPTV solution allows the delivery of advertising, communications, and live streams to all TV screens allowing for entertainment in staff areas, displaying live information, and communicate key messages to your workforce.


TripleTV, our IPTV headend platform, allows the delivery of live TV to digital signage screens across a workplace. Displaying Live TV alongside corporate messaging is a great way of delivering entertainment to staff in warehousing environments.

Desktop & Mobile Video Streaming

Our desktop and mobile solutions offer a secure and high-quality method for the distribution, cataloging and storage of live TV streams, Video on Demand content and company announcements, helping keep staff connected.

Digital signage and live TV is transforming the supply chain, delivering valuable ‘just-in-time’ data. This information is especially useful for teams who may not have immediate access to other communication methods, such as email or other collaboration tools, whether they’re in the warehouse, in the canteen or in despatch areas.

Our digital engagement technology is tried, tested, and trusted by the industry, deployed in sites across the world within the manufacturing and logistics industries.

Benefits of Digital Signage & ITPV for Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Integrate with warehouse management systems to display live metrics and KPIs
  • Display health and safety messaging for back of house employees
  • Deliver live TV with the latest news, entertainment or even a highly anticipated sporting fixture for employee engagement

Case Studies

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