Tripleplay HD Encoder

HD IPTV Encoder, 1080p, 100ms latency, as low as 200mSec Glass-to-Glass, 1u, dual input and output

Faster, higher quality and better value encoding

Ideal for fast moving environments such as sports stadia and arena, secure enough for government and coroporate organizations and compatible with our lecture streaming solution, Tripleplay’s low latency HD Encoder is available as a two-channel solution delivered as a 1U, 19” rack mount unit.

Low latency live video delivery for demanding environments

Our HD Encoder solution comes with a single HDMI and single HD-SDI input. The solution can be managed as a standalone unit through a web browser.

Flexible Installation and unparalleled video delivery

Our low latency HD IPTV encoder generates an MPEG output stream that is compatible with all Tripleplay supported devices and products including Tripleplay’s PLAY3R-SP1, Amino Set Top Boxes, BrightSign Media Players, Smart TVs, Samsung SSP, LG webOS, PC Players, recording solutions and our streaming interfaces. No special decoder units are required to achieve low latency MPEG over IP.

Stand-out features of Tripleplay’s HD IPTV Encoder


  • 1080p video resolution
  • Dual input
  • Sub 100mSec encoder latency
  • As low as 200mSec latency Glass-to-Glass

HD Encoder Brochure

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