IPTV and Digital Signage: A Part of the Corporate Network

You can’t just sit on top of a network anymore, you have to be a part of it. That’s the message we’re continually hearing from our clients, consultants and partners around the globe when talking about digital signage, IPTV and video streaming solutions.


For a long time IPTV and Digital Signage has been seen as a supplementary, standalone solution to deliver TV and advertising or messaging to screens; but times are changing. In recent months we have seen a shift in philosophy, IT managers are starting to get involved in the AV technology selection process; “If it’s sitting on my network I need to understand it,” is not an uncommon phrase in the industry at present.


With this in mind we’ve seen a number of new clients come on board who have previously implemented a competitor product, deciding to choose Tripleplay as we have developed a solution that not only integrates with IT systems, but is in itself an IT system.


Our advantage has come from the fact we are a software manufacturer, our ability to adopt security protocols and adapt to security requirements quickly and easily has been a huge advantage to us in the enterprise, banking and finance industries for example; we are hardware agnostic so we adapt with technology, we’re not held back by it.


Alongside security we have also integrated into a number of other traditional AV/IT facilities, for example room control from Crestron and AMX, allowing our clients to control room lighting, temperature from their TV.


We have also been delivering TV and streaming services beyond the LAN, off network, via a secure app for around 5 years now; doing something many others are only just catching up with.


All of this is done from a single platform solution, every step in the chain is developed by Tripleplay from digital signage, to IPTV to off network streaming. Our core solutions have no reliance on outside middleware providers, we choose our hardware based on what is best of breed and best performance from everything available in the market and we integrate into software solutions very quickly and effectively.


We call our AV/IT solution our ‘Next Generation Video Platform’ and judging by the number of businesses switching to it when they refresh their IPTV and Digital Signage solution, it certainly seems like that was an accurate name to give it.


We currently work with six global banks, a huge number of enterprise headquarters, sports clubs and stadiums, universities and military and naval facilities, we have taken on board the concerns of the IT department and have solved them with a, traditionally, AV solution.


It is worth stressing though, this is just the beginning and our solution is continually evolving to meet the needs of the AV team whilst continuing to address the concerns of IT.

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