Tripleplay Interactive Wayfinding

for Digital Signage

Digital wayfinding makes navigation less stressful for visitors, guests, employees, customers, or students to navigate any property

The familiar map-like interface showcases distinctive common points of interest such as washrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, leisure facilities, retail outlets and so forth. Users simply tap or click where they’d like to go, and a clear path is highlighted for them to follow. To avoid any possible touch contamination, Interactive Wayfinding can also be accessed on a mobile device via a QR code shown on a kiosk. The platform is managed from our central Digital Signage CMS.

Decrease Wastage

  • Avoid the need for physical brochures, paper maps, and guides
  • Dynamic content removes the requirement for costly reprints when information is outdated

Visitor Experience

  • Enhance the visitor experience with less stress in navigating an unfamiliar property
  • Reduce administrative resource

Increase Revenue

  • Deliver third party dynamic advertising on Digital Signage for an additional revenue stream
  • Guide visitors to revenue-generating onsite amenities such as restaurants and shops
Digital Wayfinding Company

Enterprise & Corporate

Offices can be large and difficult to navigate. Wayfinding makes it easy for employees and visitors to find key points of interest and internal services.

Digital Wayfinding Schools

Higher Education

Guides yearly influx of new students and visitors who are unfamiliar with their surroundings to find their destinations independently.

Digital Wayfinding Hotels

Hospitality Venues

Guests can quickly and easily locate services without having to rely on reception or concierge to find restaurants, leisure facilities, conference, or guest rooms

Digital Wayfinding Shops


Consumers can navigate to specific shops, washrooms or restaurants within a shopping centre or mall

Interactive Wayfinding

Public Buildings

Visitors avoid disorientation through easily being able to locate key destinations such as cafeterias, hospital  wards, retail outlets, or washroom facilities

Digital Wayfinding Stadiums


Wayfinding helps resolve common challenges for fans including locating a seat/box, washroom facilities, finding a F&B concession, or other outlets

Key Features of Digital Wayfinding


  • Seamless integration with Tripleplay’s existing Digital Signage products
  • Displayed full screen or as part of a multizone layout
  • Can be accessed on a mobile device via a QR code visible on a kiosk to avoid possible touch contamination
  • Full map of the property displayed in 2-D
  • Interactive navigation paths to desired destinations
  • A sidebar navigation menu of notable popular points of interest and searchable locations which can be repositioned within the screen to optimize accessibility on a large screen
  • Custom built maps to any specific, multi-level floor plan and which are adaptable to any screen size
  • Integration with scheduling systems enables room availability to be clearly displayed.

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