Interactive IPTV Portal

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Sleek, smart and mobile friendly interactive IPTV delivery

Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Solution enables guests to access a variety of site information including media and video content such as live TV and VoD. With built-in Chromecast support, this solution is a true BYOD/BYOC platform and integrates with Property Management Systems (PMS) & room control systems for additional functionality.

The industry’s leading and most feature rich In-Room TV and Entertainment solution

Customizable and available in a number of standard styles, the Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal is a perfect solution for hotel TV deployments, residential TV systems, corporate boxes, care homes, hospital bedside TV systems, military and commercial vessels and mining complexes.

IPTV Portal

Feature Rich Guest Room Entertainment (GRE) Solution

As well as standard TV facilities, the Tripleplay solution also enables users to utilise Smart TV apps through our portal, access content on their own devices (BYOD) and share their own content with the Smart TV (BYOC). A truly interactive hotel TV portal solution, through the portal, users can check in and out of hotel rooms, check local news, weather and travel information, book on-site facilities and stream their own Netflix TV and movie content.

Google Chromecast Support: Stream your own TV and movies

Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Portal supports Google Chromecast, allows personal streaming account content to be securely delivered via our in-room TV portal solution.

Stand-out features of our Interactive Hotel TV Portal


  • Integration into most Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Bring Your Own Content (BYOC)
  • Utilize Smart TV apps
  • Flexible Delivery to Smart TV or Set Top Box (STB)
  • Access Live TV from multiple sources
  • Access to Stored Movie, Music and VoD Content

Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal solution is available from resellers world-wide and in North America from our parent brand Uniguest.


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