Tripleplay launches interactive mobile-compatible digital wayfinding for easier navigation

Tripleplay launches new digital wayfinding solution, allowing organizations to easily manage and direct visitors, guests, employees, customers or students to where they need to be. The wayfinding feature is a content solution that provides an interactive map, which can be used on any touchscreen digital signage screen or a personal mobile device.  

Interactive wayfinding offers convenience in environments which may be unfamiliar or hard to navigate, allowing users to find their destination independently. This helps avoid disorientation, reduces the administrative burden of guiding visitors and reduces the need for paper-based guides.

Wayfinding seamlessly integrates with Tripleplay’s existing digital signage products and can be displayed full screen or as part of a multizone layout. As part of a digital signage solution, other information such as dynamic advertising can also be displayed, thereby delivering an additional revenue stream. Critically, to avoid any possible touch contamination, wayfinding can also be accessed on a mobile device via a QR code presented on a kiosk.

The wayfinding solution includes:

Wayfinding is applicable to multiple verticals including enterprises, universities, hospitality venues, shopping malls, public buildings including hospitals, and stadia. These have common points of interest such as washrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, leisure facilities, retail outlets and so forth, where interactive wayfinding can significantly enhance the visitor experience, making it less stressful to navigate a property.

Steve Rickless, CEO of Tripleplay, commented, “The wayfinder is another tool in our robust content management system’s belt, making our digital signage the most powerful option available on the market.

“I’m extremely happy we can offer a simple bespoke solution with easy implementation to our clients and delighted to hear about several successful rollouts which have taken place already. Another simple innovation to add to our feature-rich platform.”

For more information about our Wayfinder feature, or to book a demo of the solution click here.


About Tripleplay:

Tripleplay is a manufacturer of audience engagement technology and software incorporating the ONELAN and Reserva brands. Its core product set includes IPTV technologies, digital signage, enterprise video and room booking. Tripleplay offers products and services designed to meet the needs of enterprise customers including corporate users, education, retailers, hospitality, stadia and residential premises. Tripleplay’s interactive solutions offer scalability and relevance simplifying complex or diverse messages visualized on any device or display.

With a solid foundation and long history of profitable growth, Tripleplay has a global network of more than 300 accredited dealers and system integrators in 50 countries. allowing it to provide local customer support to its extensive worldwide customer base.

Headquartered in the UK, Tripleplay has offices in Spain, Portugal, USA, Australia, Dubai, Singapore and Russia, and strategic teams in France, Germany, Turkey and South Africa.

Tripleplay’s parent company is Uniguest, headquartered in Nashville, USA.


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