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Leading enterprise delivers future proof digital communications platform with Tripleplay

Established in 2001 and based in Nottinghamshire, UK, Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE) has established itself as a market leader in the provision of date, barcoding and labelling solutions for products and packaging. With an impressive head office, a growing and highly engaged team and a world-class array of clients ICE has always innovated and remained at the head of technology trends both in the services it offers clients and to its own people.



ICE wanted to utilise its onsite TV screen estate to deploy a new communications platform to further ensure the entire team were presented with the information they need, when they need it and in an engaging manner.


ICE Managing Technical Director, Chris Simpson saw digital signage and IPTV as an ideal means to achieve their goals, “All of our teams need information, and quick access to data, news and business updates to ensure they can carry out their role efficiently and effectively. Many staff have manual work to conduct and regularly logging in to laptops and PCs to review project documentation, which slows down work processes.


“We researched the market to find a technology that would deliver the instant impact we needed and quickly realized that digital signage was what we needed.” ICE had the aim that every TV on site should be digital signage capable and looked for a solution that would allow them to deliver a wide variety of unique content types to each screen. After researching the market they found Tripleplay, a leading platform for the delivery of digital media.


The Tripleplay platform not only allows the delivery of communications messaging and data feeds but also has the added bonus of having its own native IPTV platform, allowing the solution to be used not only for information but for entertainment too. Chris Simpson continued, “We deliver business data such as live excel sheets to project management teams, support ticket information to our technical team through the Tripleplay platform, but we also use it for internal staff morale benefits too.


“We have live TV playing in the staff canteen, in reception and meeting rooms, we use the digital signage element for the delivery of motivational messaging and imagery and have also used it to gather the team for special events and occasions; by keeping the content fresh and relevant we are ensuring the technology investment creates the maximum impact.” Tripleplay’s solution enables ICE to control user admin access, allowing departments to access only the areas of the system they need to update, ensuring other parts of the solution cannot be impacted.


“We use the TV in reception to welcome visitors and it is great that we can allocate the task of updating that screen to our reception team in a very simple and uncomplicated way. This takes away strain from our marketing team, gives greater responsibility to other people in the business and helps ensure uptake and buy-in for the technology from across the business,” added Chris Simpson.


Future proof and flexible


Something else which has impressed ICE is the flexibility of the platform, with a number of new features and additions upgraded on their solution since its initial implementation.


Chris Simpson continued, “We wanted a modern system but for the investment we needed to make sure it would remain current and relevant long term. Working with appliance based solutions often leaves you badly exposed when you want to do something different or benefit from a new technology or feature. With the Tripleplay platform we are able to add additional functionality with a release key, or through an upgrade. Their technical team has been fantastic, making sure we have the features that we need to make a success of our deployment.”


The Tripleplay platform has been deployed across all areas of operation within ICE, allowing them to deliver timely and relevant internal and external messaging and vital role specific materials. With the ICE marketing team looking after the general management of the system and their IT team providing the support, ICE has been a perfect example to others, maximizing use of their investment and delivering a new business tool in an powerful and impressive way.


Chris Simpson summarized, “The platform is perfect for us and the quality support and guidance we have had from Tripleplay has ensured we get maximum benefit from our investment.”

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