Hardware Technology 

Discover Tripleplay’s range of powerful, professional Media Players, the Reserva Edge Room Signage Displays and the HD Encoder for super low latency video delivery


Secure, Powerful professional digital signage and IPTV media player.
Watch and learn about Tripleplay’s low cost 4K, PoE media player for the professional AV industry.

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Professional media player for IPTV, Interactive IPTV Portal and In-Room Entertainment.
Cost effective, 4K set-top box for the hotel and accommodation industries.

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Reserva Edge: Transforming Meeting Room Signage

Use meeting rooms more effectively with our compact digital meeting room signs, dynamically linking to your calendaring system as well as offering digital signage functionality.

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Tripleplay HD Encoder: Low Latency Live Streaming

Faster, higher quality and better value encoding.
1080p, 100ms latency, as low as 200mSec Glass to Glass*, 1U, Dual Input and Output. Perfect for fast moving environments such as sports stadia and arena.

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