Secure Government IPTV & Digital Signage | Town Hall Address Delivery | Chamber Overflow

A secure digital signage and IPTV platform built around security

A cost effective and highly secure solution, the Tripleplay platform requires very little operational expertise and support to maintain; delivering high quality IPTV and Digital Signage content across an IP network without the need to be connected to the world wide web.

Retail IPTV

Digital Signage & IPTV

Our single platform Digital Signage and IPTV solution allows the delivery of advertising, communications, live streams and special events to all TV screens within a corporate network, allowing for communication of key messaging and entertainment in public areas.

Live Video Streaming

Using our IP video streaming technology you can deliver town hall addresses to any screen across your IP network, to mobile devices, personal computers and laptops. Our technology also allows the introduction of chamber overflow, ensuring key addresses are accessible by all.

Training & Compliance

Our desktop video solution provides a platform for the delivery, management and monitoring of training materials within any organisation, ensuring all essential training videos are accessible and available; while giving HR a platform to monitor their access for compliance and reporting.

Government IPTV and Digital Signage Must Be Secure

When it comes to government technology security is key. Working with a reliable technology that has experience within all levels of government helps give peace of mind when choosing the right platform; Tripleplay has been selected by the military across the globe, central government and by local government departments.

  • Active directory, SaML, LDAP integration
  • User access controls and granular permissions
  • Event triggers and overrides
  • Town hall address video streaming
  • Secure live streaming to desktops and mobile devices
  • Hollywood standard encryption standards

Government IPTV & Digital Signage

Secure Staff and Visitor Communications Platform

Tripleplay’s Digital Signage and IPTV technology solution is used to deliver secure, internal government communications. However, the platform is also often deployed for entertainment and relaxation for employees or visitors; a true multi-functional, multi-facet and multi-purpose solution.

  • Centralized content management
  • Integrated Digital Signage and IPTV
  • Wayfinding and interactive directional signage
  • Occupancy and queue management solutions
  • Content tagging for localized displays


“Tripleplay has shown us that digital signage can be more than just graphics on screens; it can deliver engagement, entertainment, education and partnership.”

Coventry City Council

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