Tripleplay upgrade in-room entertainment for NHS key workers staying at Hotel Football in Manchester

London, UK, 06/05/2020: Tripleplay are specialists in guest room entertainment TV solutions and work with organisations across the world in providing premium movie and TV content.


Upon hearing about the work Hotel Football were doing for the NHS frontline workers in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tripleplay were inspired and wanted to do what they could to support their client. Tripleplay upgraded the hotel’s existing IPTV solution at no cost and made sure every key worker, in every room of the hotel had access to the latest and greatest TV and movie content. Former England footballers Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs who own Hotel Football in Manchester closed the hotel to the public in March and provided access to the 176 beds to medical staff as a show of solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic.


Steve Rickless, CEO of Tripleplay and ONELAN commented, “As a CEO of a technology organisation I found myself asking the same question: What can we do to help? “Facilitating a space where the incredible medical staff can unwind and relax after working on the frontlines became the focus. We wanted to ensure that, through our interactive IPTV Portal solution, we could offer them premium TV and movie content to watch and enjoy. I am incredibly proud of my team and everyone at Hotel Football for the incredible work that they have done to support the NHS and if we can give these workers even an hour of escapism and the ability to relax, then I am very thankful.”


Moving forwards Tripleplay is looking at other ways it can help its large venue clients during the COVID-19 crisis, whether that’s offering upgrades to organisations supporting key workers, delivering free digital signage content or offering additional remote support and training for clients during these challenging times.

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