Enterprise Video

Delivering IPTV, VOD and media to any device across any IP network

Video is Everywhere!

Discover the many ways Tripleplay can securely and dynamically deliver video content to an array of device types,

all integrated and managed from one central browser-based platform.

Tripleplay IP Television IPTV


Integrated digital dignage, delivery to STB, smart TV, tablet, PC & mobile, full 4K workflow

Tripleplay IPTV Portal

Interactive IPTV Portal

PMS, BYOD, BYOC, Smart TV Compatible, Apps, Info, Live News

Tripleplay Mobile Media App (MMA)

Mobile Media Application (MMA)

Android and iOS application for the delivery of on and off-network video streaming

Tripleplay Media Video Platform (MVP) Desktop Video

Media Video Player (MVP)

IPTV, VOD, EPG, personal content library, upload, secure download, commenting, bookmarking