Enterprise Video: infinity and beyond the LAN

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world and over 500 million hours of videos watched on this platform every day, video consumption is heading towards infinity, dominating our everyday lives and changing the way we receive information. Staggeringly, 55% of us are watching videos on the internet every day and 92% of those are sharing video content with others. Embracing video content delivery is important for businesses to stay productive, allowing them to engage better with clients and employees and ultimately, become more successful.


The landscape of a ‘typical’ working environment is constantly changing, with more employees on the road and working remotely, so it is important that companies adapt, move forwards and cater to the needs of all their staff. The ability for media and video content to move seamlessly and securely is paramount to key institutions, especially when dealing with sensitive information, and the expectation that information should be at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world, is growing.


Secure and seamless delivery of video content


As a result of this evolving workplace, businesses have a growing demand for enterprise video delivery enabled for multiple device types, including video delivery to smart phones and tablets. However, many content delivery platforms limit organisations to merely pushing out content. The world of technology is becoming increasingly more dynamic and the technological infrastructure in place needs to be progressive. Video delivery is not just about watching a video, it’s about sharing that video with others, commenting, editing and actively engaging with what you have just watched.


Mobile applications for IPTV streaming is an important consideration, allowing employees to not only securely download material but the ability to comment, share and upload their own content to share with groups or individuals within the company. It is also beneficial to have an ‘app’ on a phone or smart device that is securely linked to a wider content management platform.


Doing all of this securely, and encrypted, is vitally important. Whether using Lynk DRM, Pro:Idiom, vSecure, HLS AES, AES or HDCP; a platform is needed that can natively support the encryption standard and the end device type.


Enterprise video delivered where you need it


Whether that’s delivering training videos, presentation or seminar content to be watched on/offline, you can be in control of key messages that are being distributed, through your choice of video streaming software and IPTV service.


As well as delivering digital media to mobile and smart devices, organisations and businesses may need to deliver video content to virtual desktops and thin client environments. Thin client environments, particularly within corporate organisations and on university campuses are becoming more and more common. Therefore, it is important that your content management system is set up correctly in order to be able to stream high quality video to these devices without impacting severely on the network, dealing with issues of latency or video quality, such as during a town hall or CEO address or when live streaming a graduation ceremony at a university, might have a negative effect on the viewers experience.


When it comes to an enterprise video platform, the simple fact is most organisations want to be able to deliver content securely, in the best quality that is available and easy for users to watch. This includes the desktop and beyond, and Tripleplay is light years ahead.


For any questions on how you can implement an effective content management, video delivery and IPTV VoD solution within your organisation please contact Tripleplay: enquiries@tripleplay.tv

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