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Integrated digital signage, delivery to STB, smart TV, tablet, PC & mobile, full 4K workflow.


The next generation AV/IT solution for enterprise video delivery – Cloud, Hybrid or On Premise

TripleTV, our enterprise IPTV headend platform, allows the capture and ingest of content from a wide range of sources, encoding and redistributing them across an IP network to our Digital Signage screens, desktop video app, Interactive IPTV Portal, mobile IPTV application or as a standalone TV feed.

The industry’s leading IPTV video delivery platform

Designed for use on enterprise quality networks. Watch and learn about the TripleTV enterprise IPTV headend solution’s unrivalled flexibility and scalability, with added security and encryption.

TripleTV is delivered using Tripleplay’s industry leading Low Latency IPTV Encoder to ingest, encode and distribute full HD video with a glass-to-glass latency as low as 100mSec.

IPTV Headend

Secure and Encrypted Video Streaming with Clustering & Failover

The TripleTV IPTV solution has unmatched security and encryption built into the product. This includes integration into LDAP, SAML, Active Directory and SecureMedia, and other encryption standards. We have also introduced clustering and server failover for environments where TV delivery is seen as mission critical, such as large sports and entertainment venues and investment banks.

Easy Management and Integrated Digital Signage

Our headend outputs all data as multicast IPTV streams using H.264, MPEG2 and now the latest H.265 (HEVC) video codec and comes complete with its own management and monitoring software. Easily distribute IPTV multicast streams to pre-built digital signage layouts to create more engaging content for audiences.

Enterprise IPTV

IPTV Platform

Flexible Video Delivery to Multiple Device Types

The TripleTV IPTV platform distributes multicast streams to a variety of device types, ensuring true installation flexibility for integrators and end-users. Live IPTV streams can be delivered to mobile devices (android and iOS), Thin Client desktop environments, System on Chip (SOC) Smart TVs, Set Top Boxes (STBs) and a range of media players.

Interactive IPTV Portal Integration

Easily distribute TripleTV IPTV to our interactive portal solution. The Tripleplay Interactive IPTV Portal is a perfect solution for hotel TV deployments and residential TV systems. Our platform has a wide array of features including Smart TV support, app integration, BYOD, BYOC, EPG, PVR and as part of our platform has full digital signage and mobile device streaming options.

IPTV Portal


Stand-out features of our enterprise IPTV headend

  • Scheduling and Zoning Available
  • Up to 4K Resolution
  • Clustering/High Availability
  • Native Integration into TripleSign Digital Signage
  • LDAP System Integration
  • Browser Based Management and Monitoring
  • Playback Reporting
  • HLS Streaming Support
  • Live Recording and Trickplay
  • Full EPG Available


Tripleplay Ingest Options Icon

IPTV Ingest Sources

  • Analogue SD and HD
  • HDMI
  • SDI & 3G HD-SDI
  • ASI
  • IP Multicast
  • HD Encoders
  • IP Cameras
Tripleplay Security and encryption icon


  • AES
  • Samsung Lynk DRM
  • Arris SecureMEdia
  • LG Pro:Idiom
  • HDCP
  • vSecure


*For latest encryption support please check with your regional account manager

Tripleplay Satellite and Cable Icon

Cable & Satellite

  • Altic
  • Canal+
  • Comcast
  • Cox
  • Direct TV
  • Dish
  • Foxtel
  • Multichoice
  • Spectrum
  • Sky (UK)


*For full details of our support for these providers, and for info on providers not listed, please contact your regional account manager

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