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The Unified Video Platform for Education

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Unified video platform designed for the needs of educators

Planet eStream is a powerful and secure education video platform that makes media more accessible and engaging for all. It supports multiple aspects of digital media delivery to provide one cohesive solution.

Dedicated Lecture Capture Tools

Planet eStream offers scalable and cost-effective lecture capture tools, perfect for organisations looking to live stream, record and archive lectures, lessons, events and more. The integration of autonomous IP-based AV hardware makes deployment and platform management simple. It also eliminates the requirement for educators to set up and start streams, so they can focus on delivering their lessons and lectures.

Multiple Video Sources
Stream and record from multiple video devices simultaneously, including cameras, whiteboards, projectors and microscopes.
Centralised Management & Scheduling
Manage rooms and schedules via a simple web-based management console.
Subtitles can automatically be added to recordings using the built-in options for automatic transcription services.
Indicator Lights
Notify educators and students that room recording is in session with real-time status lights.

Secure Delivery to Any Device
Complete control over platform and content access.
Microsoft Office 365 Calendar Support
Integrates your room capture schedule with Microsoft Office 365

Learn more about lecture capture with Planet eStream.

Video On Demand Media Library

Everything to create your own secure digital content library, including unrivalled management options and built-in tools for delivering engaging video-based resources.

Your media, your way – create your own category structure, add your organisation’s branding and more.

Learning Platform Integrations
Planet eStream offers dedicated plugins and integrations with other learning and communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard and many more.
Security & Control
Many authentication options are available to support SSO and make it easy for admins to control the content & features available to users.
Interactive Videos and Quizzes
Turn passive viewing into active learning by making your videos interactive with the addition of questions, hots spots, annotations and links.
Browser-Based Recording
The Planet eStream Web Recorder tool lets users record content using their webcam or screen capture without the need for a dedicated application.
Video Editor
Quickly cut together video resources using the browser-based video editor.
Photo Management
Dedicated photo and image management tools to provide a complete digital asset management solution


“Planet eStream has completely transformed the way we create, record and share video resources across all departments. Teachers often arrive in college saying, ‘I saw a great programme last night which I’d like to share with the class – can you find it?’ With Planet eStream, we can accommodate this kind of request instantly.”

Bath College

“The ability to deliver lectures virtually but also to record these sessions is invaluable, and Planet eStream enables us to do this with ease. It is also straightforward for teaching staff to create chapters within video footage, and quickly edit content to create concise clips that can be embedded into the Moodle VLE very easily

University of Eastern Finland

“We needed a solution to meet our requirements for lecture capture, media streaming, digital signage and video on demand. It had to be easy to use and able to fully integrate with our Blackboard VLE, with good live streaming capabilities. Planet eStream ticked every box.”

University of East Anglia

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