Digital Signage made simple with TripleLite Electronics Posters

London, England, 1st March 2013: Tripleplay Services is launching a superb new product to offer an entry level alternative to its existing digital signage solution, TripleSign, and adds to their range of products which includes TripleTV, an IPTV solution, TripleVOD, a video on demand streaming solution and TripleChoice, a media portal system.


Sleek, easy to use and cost effective, TripleLite Electronic Posters is a stripped back digital signage solution ideal for small businesses, restaurants, bars, cafes, schools and nurseries allowing a user to create unique and impacting displays quickly and simply.


Through utilisation of the TripleLite product any organisation can have their messages displayed and circulated in minutes rather than hours or days. As all content is stored on to USB locally to each screen you gain added peace of mind that your signage solution will not fail as it has no reliance on broadband connectivity, and with no moving parts this digital signage solution has added robustness other solutions simply cannot offer.


Perfect for the aggregation of key information to multiple or single screens, the TripleLite solution is perfect for one off occasions, reception areas, internal displays, menu boards, promotions and across multiple screen estates. Bringing with it the ability to remotely monitor downloads and devices, this software is perfect for those wanting a solution they can trust.


TripleLite+, with extra features, is also available as a hosted service for even easier management.


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