Digital Signage and IPTV Solution expanded at Birmingham City University

London, UK, 24/2/2015: Birmingham City University (BCU) has further invested in its Tripleplay Digital Signage and IPTV network, adding 18 end-points to its existing estate and improving its ability to communicate and promote important messaging across campus.


With over 22,500 students from more than 80 countries, Birmingham City University is one of the UKs largest and most diverse, meaning a well devised digital signage network can help keep the student body informed and up-to-date on the latest news and information.


With the network now rising to around 50 screens on campus Tripleplay’s head of sales, Matt Cooper, is pleased BCU has chosen to extend its solution and further strengthen ties between the two organisations; “We were delighted with how the initial phase of this deployment went and so were incredibly happy to see that BCU wanted to increase the solution’s reach around its campuses.


“Birmingham City University’s digital signage network is very impressive and is a great example of how our system can flex and grow with requirements without increasing complexity of management or system operation.


“BCU has invested heavily in its facilities, ensuring its students are well looked after, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of the process.”


BCU gained University status in 1992, but has been in operation in many guises since 1843 and is proud to be one of the highest investors in student facilities in the UK, spending more than £260million on its current facilities and bringing in over £270million to the local economy.


The University is currently delivering TripleSign Digital Signage and TripleTV IPTV over its local area network with screens located in reception, dining and communal areas and Tripleplay video encoders used to stream content from AV suites; implementation has been carried out by Tripleplay Authorised Reseller, ProAV.

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