Digital Menu Boards – How to sell things and influence people

We have all walked into a restaurant recently and seen digital menu boards advertising special offers or ‘dish of the day’. Not only does a digital menu board allow for a sleek and streamlined ordering process for staff and visitors, but with a modern look and feel it has the ability to transform a customer’s experience, increasing satisfaction and potential future revenue through return visits and recommendations.


Power of visual displays in retail, restaurant and hospitality


Digital menu boards are more vibrant and eye-catching than traditional menus and by using digital signage companies can inject bold images, animations and even video content onto screens throughout a venue. Compared with traditional printed menus that can be bland and often an expensive recurring printing cost, customers faced with dynamic visual menu displays are likely to become increasingly engaged and react more positively, allowing for a much more memorable dining experience.



A digital menu board displaying food & drink, merchandise and other items can help the items seem more appealing and tempting. Also using a ‘slide-show’ style playlist allows more items to be displayed clearly than would be on one static cramped page.


Perceived waiting and actual transaction times can also be significantly reduced as digital menu boards can act as a form of entertainment for customers, as well as informing them about what is available before reaching the front of the queue allowing for a smooth and stress-free ordering process.


Complete brand consistency with local flexibility


Digital menu boards are a much more cost effective option for an organisation, while also being more environmentally friendly, due to cutting down on printing costs. They are a good way to create brand consistency, ensuring that logos, colours, text and information displayed is unchanged across multiple sites or branches, whilst also giving local establishments the ability to control and edit specific content allowing a company to be flexible, whilst always reinforcing the brand image.


Digital menus influence 70% of viewers into making an unplanned purchase*


Digital menu software allows for dynamic content management and scheduling which can allow companies to change or update menus depending on the time of day, week or year. Which makes the digital displays and particular promotions are always up-to-date and relevant.


Digital menu boards are also a great opportunity for companies to up sell items and drive revenues, for example by promoting low selling products and through EPOS integration, automatically removing sold out items from the menu choice. By these methods, customers can be influenced into making particular purchase decisions that better benefits the organisation.


Digital menu boards create a contemporary and engaging dining or in-store experience for customers. With digital signage becoming more and more popular, organisations will look to move away from out-dated paper menus and promotional literature and will step into a new digital shopping era.


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