#STAYSAFE in a COVID World: Digital Media Technology on Campus

Universities, Colleges and Higher Education institutions have an urgent and ongoing need to publicize useful and resourceful information to staff and students; ensuring they are kept safe during learning and teaching hours amid a global pandemic, while providing a top-quality educational experience. With recent events having changed the way we learn, teach, and communicate, it is important institutions keep students connected, motivated and safe in lectures, seminars and while in student halls and deploying digital communications across campus is an effective way of doing so.



Staff and students are suddenly having to rely more on being able to effectively study and work remotely or in smaller numbers, whether from home, on campus or overseas therefore communication tools need to be even more integrated into usual working practices. Using digital communication tools efficiently helps create a sense of belonging and community, both on campus and within student halls of residence.


Digital Signage: A powerful tool 


Digital signage has become a valuable tool for many institutions, providing the opportunity to display key messaging to help and support the education and wellbeing of staff and students, replacing outdated static displays and noticeboards with sleek, customisable digital displays. This technology allows the display of information, such as interactive wayfinding, department schedules and timetables, social distancing guidelines and protocols, and welcome messaging for open days and visitors.  With a high demand for technology that is engaging and practical, a digital signage solution is an eye-catching and engaging way of delivering important communications – an asset for staff and students.


Some of the benefits of deploying digital signage on campus include:



Technology: Learning wherever you are


Digital media technology makes life on campus much easier by providing individuals with specific information that is crucial to their learning and wellbeing. Using technology such as Tripleplay’s Mobile Media Application (MMA) has long provided large organizations with the ability to deliver digital media communications and live video directly to a mobile device. This useful application has a variety of functions including delivering live and pre-recorded videos such as lectures and seminars to students; medical and mental health assessment forms to allow students to communicate any stresses or anxieties; and a private chat feature to enable groups of staff and students to discuss classes, make notes and ask questions.


The MMA also offers lecturers the ability to track mobile communications, giving total access to student progress and history from the app, allowing them to see who has watched content, when and for how long. The MMA allows for development and learning to be monitored in a safe and secure way, in just a few clicks.   In changing times, where many students are prohibited from attending lectures in the classroom, it can be difficult for students to feel they have access to all the resources they need; Tripleplay’s Media Video Player (MVP) solves this problem. The MVP is a video communications delivery platform for desktops and thin client environments. Like the MMA, it allows University faculties to deliver live or pre-recorded seminars and lectures directly to student’s laptops or on-campus desktop computers. Students can also securely download media content and upload relevant personal content, and share with study groups to enhance collaborative learning.


Combining IPTV and VOD distribution ensures students have access to the full range of video and rich media learning tools even when they are prohibited from attending lectures and group classes in person. This is a helpful feature for any campus as it allows learning to take place on student’s personal devices, expanding the reach of a lecture beyond the physical room to students in their halls of residence or learning at home.  Maximising campus technology capabilities – before and after COVID-19 The way we learn and teach may be shifting but ensuring content can be easily accessed wherever and whenever will always be a fundamental requirement.


No matter where students are based, staff require technology to assist them in their day-to-day teaching environments and having the capability to live stream lectures to students studying remotely will become an effective way of teaching and learning.   It is matter of fact that our lives have changed beyond our imagination, and the reliance on technology has proved essential, providing access to comfort, support and advice at a time where the world is confusing and uncertain. By selecting a feature-rich and future-proof digital media technology platform, educational institutions can guarantee access to engaging and state-of-the-art technology for staff and students no matter where they are studying from.  In a society in which we rely on media consumption, having the right technology to help educate and inform staff and students is crucial, not only for now, but for ensuring the success of the next generation.


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