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Make our desktop video communication platform your organizations most valuable player

The Tripleplay Media Video Player is more than just an enterprise video delivery platform. It combines IPTV and VOD distribution with media storage, music and documentation allowing it to become a single point of access for any rich media content.

Keep up with the growing need to distribute video and media comms to desktops

Using Tripleplay streaming and IPTV technology, the Tripleplay MVP is an integrated platform for viewing and sharing of media content. When paired with our Mobile Video App, the MMA, allows you to engage your audience wherever, whenever.

Desktop Video Application by Tripleplay

Tripleplay’s Desktop Engagement Platform

With bookmarking facilities, upload, commenting, sharing and Active Directory integration, the MVP gives you the flexibility of free online systems but with the added reassurance of security and quality. Available as a desktop app for Mac and PC, the MVP provides online streaming and ability to securely download media content, as well as enabling personal content upload and a full content management system.

One single video management interface

Tripleplay’s Desktop Video app, MVP is a safe and secure, controlled, high quality media delivery and communications platform that can be integrated into any Tripleplay IPTV and Video Streaming environment, complimenting your digital communications strategy and ensuring messaging reaches employees in or out of the office. You can also choose how it looks, using our simple portal editing tool; you get the choice of how your platform operates, looks and feels.

Desktop MVP App

Desktop Video App

Thin Client Desktop Video Delivery

The MVP allows delivery of performant, flexible video and media in virtualized desktop (VDI) environments, meaning Tripleplay is one of a very small number of platforms able to deliver to all business endpoints; STB, Smart TV, PC, Mac, Mobile and Thin Client.

Stand-out features of the Media Video Player (MVP)


  • Securely downloaded content
  • Upload videos, music and documents to create personalized libraries
  • Integrate with email systems to allow easy content sharing
  • Access approved live TV channels, camera streams and lectures
  • Desktop app available for PC and Mac
  • Deliverable in a thin client environment

Media Video Player Brochure

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