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Next Generation Enterprise Video and Business Digital Signage

Enterprise video and media delivery has become more mission critical than ever within the enterprise. The need to deliver corporate messaging, compliance training, live data, news and business intelligence has become of paramount importance in day to day workings; with visual media the quickest way to get a message across.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is the perfect system to deliver communications and promote brand awareness within organizations. Displaying professional business digital signage creates a more engaging platform for workers with real-time access to content.


TripleTV, our IPTV headend platform, allows the capture and ingest of content from a wide range of sources, encoding and redistributing them across an IP network to digital signage screens, desktops & mobile devices.

Desktop & Mobile Video Streaming

Our desktop and mobile solutions offer a secure and high-quality method for the distribution, cataloging and storage of live TV streams, Video on Demand content and town hall or CEO addresses, helping keep staff connected.

Corporate Content Delivered to Desktops and Mobile Devices

With Tripleplay, you can deliver a variety of content to desktops and mobile devices, keeping every member of your organization connected and engaged no matter where they are in the world.

  • Enterprise video delivery in virtual desktop and thin client environments
  • Stream live CEO and Town Hall addresses to mobile devices securely
  • Create VOD libraries for staff to access on PC and mobile
  • All content managed centrally alongside Tripleplay’s Digital Signage and IPTV products
  • Share other resources such as forms and PDFs to staff devices

Business Digital Signage & IPTV

Associated Press Case Study

Corporate Communications and Live TV delivery

Streamline your corporate communications strategy with Tripleplay’s feature-rich Digital Signage and IPTV platform. Easily update, change and control your displays across single and multiple sites and use our easy to navigate CMS to create engaging layouts.

  • Integrated Digital Signage and IPTV platform
  • Deliver multiple videos to single displays
  • Integration into range of media players, STBs and Smart TVs
  • Low latency live TV streaming for mission critical TV delivery
  • Feature rich and easy to navigate content management system (CMS)
  • Drag and drop layout editor for Digital Signage

Meeting Room Technology and Utilization

Make the most of meeting room TV displays by sharing digital signage and Live TV content and say goodbye to that blank screen between meetings. Furthermore, Reserva Edge meeting room booking panels enhance meeting room efficiency, acting as compact signage displays and linking to calendaring systems. 

  • Utilize Reserva’s built-in digital signage functionality 
  • Book, extend, shorten and end meetings directly from Reserva Edge panel
  • Monitor and report on meeting space optimization
  • Integration with Mersive Solstice for meeting room Digital Signage & IPTV

Enterprise Digital Signage & IPTV

Case Studies


“A technology solution that is modern, high quality, reliable and secure… This is not just an AV system; it is also an IT system.”


“Tripleplay caters to us in a very flexible fashion and they keep us informed about the roadmap and the evolution and innovation of the platform.”

The Associated Press

“We can display relevant information to staff and visitors; whether that is safety announcements, live video feeds or product information and updates on any screen, or group of screens, that is appropriate.”

British American Tobacco

“The platform is perfect for us and the quality support and guidance we have had from Tripleplay has ensured we get maximum benefit from our investment.”

Interactive Coding Equipment (

“Having the ability to quickly and cost-effectively implement additional screens is something that appealed to us, whilst having a single server platform to deliver both the digital signage and IPTV was an important requirement.”

PTS Consulting

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