Deliver video everywhere from anywhere with Tripleplay Cloud

Tripleplay Cloud is a next generation Digital Engagement Platform, offering SaaS licensing and a flexible subscription model for IPTV, Digital Signage, Video Streaming and Webcasting

Flexible SaaS subscription for all Tripleplay applications

Tripleplay Cloud relieves the responsibility of ongoing maintenance associated with on-prem services, further reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

Deployed and trusted by thousands of organizations globally and with a strong track record of delivering solutions at the leading edge of technological capabilities, Tripleplay Cloud offers a unique level of flexibility, scalability, and security, from a single solution.

Cloud based digital signage


Stream live TV to users across a mixed network of endpoints including desktop and mobile, as well as digital signage.

A hybrid deployment model means the live TV streams can be configured locally on a Tripleplay server and then utilized in the central cloud management interface, including adding encrypted live TV content to digital signage. Multiple local IPTV servers can be used in different locations, each with access to different content sources.

Tripleplay’s IPTV and Caching servers are the ideal solution to reduce internet bandwidth usage. Content is downloaded once to the server where it can then be served on the local area network to devices.

This preserves internet bandwidth for other systems running on the network.



Capture content from a wide range of sources, encoding and redistributing them across an IP network.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Engage your audience, deliver communications, promote your brand and generate advertising revenues.

Mobile IPTV

Mobile Video

Tripleplay’s Mobile Media Application (MMA) is an app for viewing, uploading and sharing media content.

Desktop Video

Desktop Video

The Media Video Player (MVP) is a secure, controlled, high quality enterprise video delivery platform.



Presenters can broadcast their webcam and/or their desktop screen globally to digital signage and desktop users.



A content solution providing interactive maps for any touch-enabled digital signage screen or mobile device.

Reserva Room Booking Software

Room Signs

Manage meeting room booking and conferences more efficiently, with interactive digital meeting room signage.

Reduces Capital Expenditure

With a SaaS licensing model, and lower upfront hardware investment costs, the end-user has financial flexibility and avoids the financial peaks and troughs which can be associated with capital expenses.

cloud digital signage system

Offers Platform Scalability

Can be easily scaled up or down as business needs dictate with subscriptions added or removed. Solutions can also be delivered to a geographically disparate area with simple device provisioning for easy roll out.

Cloud-based digital signage

Easy to Install, Upgrade and Maintain

Updates are deployed centrally to hosted applications, so hardware & software is easy to install and upgrades are simple to manage, removing workload & responsibility from the customer, freeing up valuable resources.

Analytics and Reporting

The analytics dashboard allows users to view the performance of their digital engagement network, see who is utilizing the system, monitor media player status, create content playout reports and refine campaigns; helping to maximize audience engagement and better understand ROI.

Cloud Digital Signage

Simple to Implement and Operate

One of the most user-friendly platforms, whether self-provisioning implementation or simple drag ‘n’ drop content creation. Backed by 20+ years of experience, the Tripleplay Cloud Engagement Platform offers a feature-rich experience designed for all skill levels.


BrightSign IPTV & Digital Signage

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