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Chelsea FC Adopts IPTV and Digital Signage to Enhance Picture Quality, Reduce Costs and Develop New Revenue Streams

Chelsea FC wanted to improve the match day experience and provide a high quality television product throughout the year to reflect the status of the club. Their objective was to replace the existing coax Television distribution network around Stamford Bridge stadium with a state of the art solution that would meet supporter media expectations and develop new revenue opportunities.


The club were looking at using IP delivery of television as a replacement to their coax TV distribution network due to the need to constantly balance and calibrate the analogue television signal around the stadium and deal with the influence of noise and ingress which were affecting the television viewing experience.


They wanted a system that could simplify the management of television distribution throughout all their premises at Stamford Bridge rather than have multipleTV head end systems in different locations within their stadium, hotel and their training ground. Chelsea wanted a platform that would future proof them as television services evolved and would allow them to easily add new features as requirements were identified. Providing high quality pictures without compromising flexibility and reliability were key requirements.



Hard to Maintain Coax Network didn’t Meet Media Expectations


Whilst the existing coax distribution network delivered television services it required constant maintenance to ensure that there was a consistent quality feed. With recent investment in an IP network Chelsea wanted a solution which could leverage this technology and IP Television delivery was identified as a logical choice. They also needed to consider their investment in Samsung TVs and wanted to maximise their capabilities rather than having to purchase new.


During the process of finding the right solution, Chelsea FC decided that they should look at developing new revenue streams which would incorporate the television service being provided around the stadium’s facilities. The adopted IP television solution should be capable of providing digital signage services to selected screens as well as additional video streaming services. They wanted a solution that would seamlessly integrate into their IP television system and allow different content to be displayed within the merchandising stores, hotel, hospitality and exhibition areas. This way they could generate additional revenue streams through new advertising and sponsorship, selling products in the club shop and promoting forthcoming fixtures and events at the ground.


Whilst providing digital signage offered new revenue and service options they didn’t want to lose focus on the match day experience and thereby wanted a platform that would allow them to control what content and TV channels could be displayed at different locations of the stadium at different times.


Ideally, the adopted solution had to integrate IPTV and Digital Signage services in a single platform and have remote management of all the end points in the network. All this should be simple and intuitive to do, whilst reducing maintenance and support costs to a minimum. They wanted a platform that could easily be extended through software modules when new requirements were identified.


Engaged Fans and Visitors


Chelsea FC chose to adopt Tripleplay’s IPTV and Digital Signage solutions. Tripleplay presented an end to end thin client solution for providing Standard and High Definition TV feeds and Digital Signage content to screens throughout the premises. A standard HD IP set top box (STB) was used as the client device which provided remote management, high reliability and future proofing; the STBs were screen agnostic and therefore worked with any existing or new screens.


Tripleplay’s centralised and fully integrated platform allows TV feeds and digital signage content and playlists to be distributed to the end devices. There are several areas throughout the complex and these can all broadcast bespoke content and relevant TV services to their different user base requirements be it corporate customers, general fans, training staff and marketing teams.


As the IPTV solution removed signal quality issues, it allowed Chelsea FC to focus on providing different and more tailored services to different audiences and maximise the return on the investment of the system. There are over 300 screens throughout the stadium, plus 192 rooms in its hotel, and 40 screens in the training ground all supported by a single TV system.


Live TV feeds between the training ground and stadium have ensured there is constant information between all parties. The Tripleplay solution has proven useful for broadcasting press conferences and real-time information about other matches; merchandise and season ticket offers, advertising and sponsorship information can all be easily integrated and displayed on these screens through the system.


A large selection of TV channels are available throughout the network including Digital Terrestrial, Satellite, Premium, Chelsea FC’s Match Day channels and any of the 300+ TVs can broadcast them. The system has the ability to record any IPTV channel being broadcast on the network for analysis at a later date. A live feed was installed between the training ground and stadium to allow staff to be better informed of what was going on at the club which proved especially useful during press conferences.


High quality TV feeds, targeted advertising and high ROI


As soon as the system went live it was quickly noted by all stakeholders that the image quality was impeccable and the audience was actually paying attention to the content. Appropriately targeted information and advertising, supported by the digital signage solution, allowed Chelsea FC to achieve its objectives of increasing product and merchandising sales. As the platform was now centralised, day to day operations became simpler allowing staff to focus on a wider range of activities.


Tripleplay’s solution delivers the following benefits:


IP Media Solution delivers high quality TV feeds: replacing the coax television distribution network by delivery over IP enabled Chelsea FC to distribute high quality pictures to all the TV sets throughout the premises, successfully engaging the audience in the content.


Easy to update digital signage provides new revenue stream and a quick return on investment: Digital signage screens can be used anywhere on the premises reinforcing Chelsea FC’s brand and offering third-party advertising and sponsorship opportunities. The content can be quickly updated to feature new trends and promotions or to cross sell upcoming events.


Centralised Platform allows remote operation of end points: All elements of the system are managed and monitored remotely through a web based console. This enables Chelsea FC to react quickly to solve any issue, update any content or to provide emergency information.


Fully integrated Media Platform leverages investment in IP network: Tripleplay’s architecture and standards based software approach delivers a single platform to fully support Chelsea FC’s stadium, hotel, training ground and conference centre media requirements. It allows the same picture to be shown at the same time on every screen or to broadcast different channels and Digital Signage content to different areas.

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