London, UK, 20/05/2020: Leading Enterprise Video, IPTV and Digital Signage manufacturer Tripleplay announces new endpoint control functionality, Map View, released as part of its latest software version, Caveman 3.0. Map View allows users, through the existing TripleClient product, to easily identify and control endpoints across a large site using a simple and user-friendly visual map interface. 


Map View allows Tripleplay platform users to view where their installed digital signage and IPTV end points are on a map of the site or sites that they manage. Once selected the user can control the channel, power, volume and input on any given end device, whether that’s a set top box (STB)Media Player, Smart TV or interactive screen 


Tripleplay believes there are obvious advantages to seeing endpoints in a map layout, allowing for a much more streamlined control process where IT or content managers can remotely access and update the content on any display. 


Mike Ditum, Head of Software Engineering at Tripleplay commented on the new feature saying, “Map View is the perfect solution for large sites where they have a complex and high volume of screen real-estate to manage.    

“Map View helps to eliminate confusion for users of the Tripleplay platform who may not know the exact name of the end point but do know where it is geographically. It is a much quicker and more effective way of monitoring and updating content on screen displays and improves the overall user experience on the platform which is very important.” 


Tripleplay’s Caveman 3.0 software release is available now through Tripleplay’s Authorised Integration Partners and local distribution partners.  

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